Current Electoral Math

jersey is blue in 2024, not marginal.


I disagree with 1.

2 and 3 are big reasons to not get too confident.

Media bias will also help Brandon.

This is a very good thread!


Easy to see why dems are very concerned. Trump needs to keep doing exactly what he is doing.

Campaign like a boss!

less than 10p lead. maybe if you read the post you’d understand the criteria? Do you actually think brandon has a shot in hell in TX or FL?

The tingles were in overdrive for that stupid little fantasy. :rofl:


Crazy fantisizing on the part of libs.

Meantime they ignore that even Minnesota is in play for Trump. :grinning:


Even Reagan failed to take Minnesota either time. I’ll laugh even harder than in 2016 if Trump takes it. :rofl:


NM, CO and NJ are all under 10

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Except we can count on CNN giving Joe the questions in advance. If his handlers can keep him propped up long enough and help him memorize his answers, he may come off looking almost competent. That would score him so far above expectations that Trump would be declared the loser.

Let’s hope Trump doesn’t get carried away and that he acts presidential. He has to overcome his mean tweets reputation to win over those who don’t like him. They may decide to stay home otherwise…

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Speaking of math:


It would be a miracle if Biden did not win CO. I’m embarrassed by my state.

I’ve been listening to that Texas is about to be blue song since around 2000. The idea is that eventually the Hispanic population will cause this to happen. Democrat racial stereotypes have failed so far as the percentage of Hispanics voting Republican has increased.
Anybody remember the “dream team” that was supposed to bring about the big switch in 2002?

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Polling has shown that a percentage of people who otherwise would vote for Mr. Trump will not vote for him if he’s convicted in a court of law.

That percentage isn’t huge but definitely big enough to impact an election.


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the state of the race is in flux.

how will the kennedy factor play out.

how much of the anti vax trump vote we he pull.

he 100% hurts trump rather than biden.

which is why trump now calls him a leftist. lol.

he aint no leftist hes an anti vax kook.


I agree, but he’s only up by 6 pts and has not broken 50% in any poll and the last one had him up 41-35

Not a good place for an incumbent dem in a blue state

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he’s a leftist anti vax kook

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my criteria differs from yours.

i use critical thinking not mindless numbers which state goes blue or red.

jersey will be blue and easily. no matter what the numbers say in May.


if you don’t like the criteria, which is the same for both candidates, don’t post.

I too believe Biden will win NJ, just as I believe Trump will win TX and FL. That however, does not change the criteria for listing them as marginal. You do know what marginal means don’t you?


thats not what bannon said last august on his podcast.

“In August, Bannon said on his War Room podcast that a Trump-Kennedy ticket would “win a massive landslide.”

of course that was in august before he abandoned the democratic party in favor of an independent run.

now hes a persona non grata to republicans.

its an amazing spin from a potential running mate to leftist.

spin away. its the only thing you have.