Another recession warning

Right. Like Obama bringing the new caliphate

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I don’t care if there is a recession. I’m going to make billions selling cons blinders and piles of sand for head-burying.

The further left the Dem candidate…the greater the odds Trump will win…so the economy should react positively…right?

No one knows if Trump will be able to beat Sanders, the polls shows Sanders beating Trump nationally if we are to believe the polls.

Nah his re-election is in the bag.

I go by the Poll of Hannity Forumites…the most accurate poll out there. :sunglasses:

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Within two paragraphs of each other in the OP’s Link:

Private sector firms across the U.S. signalled a slight decline in business activity in February.

Business confidence strengthened to an eightmonth high in February but remained historically subdued as firms highlighted ongoing global uncertainty and the outbreak of coronavirus.

So essentially a slight decline (apprently by the outbreak of coronavirus), but the business confidence is still going up.

Did read much further than that. I mean since within a couple of paragraphs they contradict what they just said.

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Still praying for that economic disaster eh, libs?

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More like discussing economic news. Kind of why the Dow is below 29,000 today.

Funny, I was gonna pull up a post from last month showing how hair-on-fire-the-sky-is-falling and how ridiculous libs look when they do it.

Amazing, it was this very same month that the stock market falling to under 28,000 (for a whole day only :rofl:) was a signal of impending doom and recession.

Oh wait, that was… you. :upside_down_face:

I guess 29,000 is the bad juju mark now.



As for another Great Depression, well, the Democrats are depressed, so there’s that.


I guess the Earf isn’t warming up fast enough! :rofl:


Remember how everyone 2006-2007 denied a recession was coming

Be ready for another mass shooting.

Are you denying that OP started all those thread in last year?

And those are just the ones I’ve found.

And are you denying that “some” are hoping the economy crash to they can regain power…even at hardship a recession can bring.

I’m not an economist. Business activity and business confidence are the same thing?

So if your business activity is dropping . . are you going to be confidant or not confident?

If anyone is interested in today’s Sector Performances, here’s the numbers as of 1446(pm) CST:


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For which exactly? GDP numbers are posted quarterly and they were on the plus side for the entire year.

China manufactures a great many components that go into manufactured goods produced in other countries. The stories on how the CV is affecting the supply chain can be found from virtually any reliable source of broadcast, print, or electronic business news.

Confidence leads to activity. If the first is positive so will the second for the cited period barring some unforeseen economic disaster.