Another recession warning

It wasn’t even off 1% for the week.

GDP is a lagging indicator.

CV is already affecting some sectors.

12 week lead time for new Macs now.

And GDP was positive for the full year just as I said.

Durable goods orders are all positive, real median income is rising and interest rates are not rising because inflation is flat.

Nothing indicates a recession is looming on the horizon.

But Mah Mac!

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Point? I made a statement that this indicator dropped stocks a decent amount today. Which actually had to do with the op. Your post is irrelevant.

The drop for the day was under .8%

-227 when it’s at 29000 is nothing.

Actually nothing would be a drop of 0.000000%.

Pedantry is probably one of the contributing factors to Australia’s inability to rise out of the Gap.


I do think that another recession is coming, but I don’t think it will happen until after Trump is reelected.

Take heart, @Adam! Almost back up to over 29,000 already! We will rebuild!





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let’s just never stop warning about upcoming recessions. this way when one eventually does arrive (an actual one, not the one you ll hear all about this summer) we’ll be right

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My guess we are going to see some signs of not just a recession but another major depression coming soon that a few “experts” will tell us about in say, late October.


Thanks, added. I knew I was forgetting at least one.

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Is it at all awkward, uncomfortable, weird in any way for lefties to be endlessly cheerleading bad news.

If you wanna worry about the economy you should be worrying about the nonsense being proposed by the guy who just won the Dem caucus in Nevada.

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For all his strong socialist leanings, he still supports small business and private enterprise, the engine of our economy. We will not “collapse” if he wins. Such claims are borne of ignorance.

No he doesn’t.

Look at his website. He has a section on it.