Yes. It's time to leave Afghanistan

If not now, then when? We won the war years ago. Remember? We went into Afghanistan to kill everyone who was involved with 911. We did that. After we did that we stayed and decided that we should expand the mission. Hang around until the Afghans became our friends. Well that was a seriously stupid assed goal. We killed the 911 people. We have no business there at all right now. Nato hates the idea of us leaving. Why? They are free to replace us with German or French troops. If they want to stay. Let them do it. Who cares?

Merkel’s Germany Tells Trump Not to Bring Troops Home from Afghanistan (

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We will be back there within a couple years regardless a neocon is taking over.

Back to do what? Herd sheep?

Would that be Germany going back or France? Maybe Italy?

To our second home we have been there 20 years it’s like a home were everyone hates us.

No one ever wins a war in Afghanistan.

Once were gone, we will never be back. No oil, no resources. no nothing. Not a single thing there that would interest any American President.

We did. We totally destroyed everyone involved in 911. That was the only thing worth dying for.

We definitely did not win the war in Afghanistan. We achieved some strategic victories but we did not win the war.

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We certainly did. We killed them all. Except for maybe a few stragglers. Victory was resounding.

Stay the course.

The Taliban would like a word.

They were defeated a long time ago. The even more powerful armies of jihadists occupying the country are just stragglers.

No nation has ever won in Afghanistan so yes we should leave

Went in to kill everyone involved in 9/11 and apparently a whole bunch of other people. Nation building was a fiasco. Same with Iraq. So much treasure pissed away and the lives of so many wasted on complete BS.

Not with any American in camouflage they wouldn’t.

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Yeah I don’t know about that.

They do.

They’ve been fighting for 20 years. This underestimating the taliban thing is played out.

I’m not underestimating them.