Yes. It's time to leave Afghanistan

Maybe not, but it came off that way. Anyone who can run across the field with an explosive device toward the american position after they run out of ammo and willingly be turned into pink most (story my friends ssgt told him) is not scared of an american or their uniform.

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Stories abound. Suicide is not an act of courage in my book.

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One person’s suicide is another’s personal sacrifice.

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Sure, if it’s truly a sacrifice.


How much ordinance has been dumped on these guys and they still don’t give a ■■■■■

Billions of tons. They care.

We’re at an impasse. G’day

The difference is I know what I’m talking about. Not much of an impasse.

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Stories abound.

Indeed they do. If I decide to tell one, I’ll be sure to ping you.

Sounds good. Save some for the two-thirds of afghanistan that are too scared to have a word with you.

Oh it’s not me, I’m too old for camouflage.

It’s the precious metals in their mountains that will keep everyone there.


So correct me if I am wrong. Folks here were saying that Obama needed to listen to his Generals.
And Trump was critical of Obama making public what his military intentions were. And Trump campaigned that he would never do that.
So Trump doesn’t listen to his Generals. And Trump makes public what his military intention is.
And he doesn’t give our allies a heads up on his decision.
Did I get that right?

Yup pretty much sums it up nicely

They get 72 vegans if they die it’s a hard deal to pass up.

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Wow. That’s a whole garden.

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Well, it would have been at least four years, except Biden won.

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No, you didn’t.