To complete Biden's humiliation

Bull ■■■■ on your horse ■■■■■

I knew it was going to go sideways. You know it was. For sure, intelligence agencies and those in the Sit Room knew it.

In fact, I’ll go further: Biden to this decision despite receiving epic pressure from his generals and intelligence to at least leave the 2.5k.

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So Trump didn’t decide to pull the troops out?

What was it he said “America is Back”.

“everything i screw up is because i’m following the policy of the previous president”

“because that’s why you “elected” me < snicker > to follow through on trump’s policies”



He decided, sure. Thing is, we won’t know what actually would have happened if he was re-elected.

For that matter, he campaigned on ending the forever wars, but didn’t manage to even set the date until into his presumptive second term. Why is that? What was so magical about 5/1/2021?

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vapid cheerleading :point_up_2:


Hypocrisy to the Nth degree. :+1:

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one thing is for sure

no media wordjerks is going to highlight this as a Biden failure. they will spin it as a good thing for dumb-dumbs

try not to kick the tv off the stand


Meh. This would have happened regardless of who the president was.

well of course that’s the narrative. duh


Taliban has been winning the war for Afghanistan since 2014.

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should we care?

If you goal was anything but the Taliban controlling Afghanistan, then maybe.

now why would that be a goal?

If it wasn’t the goal why should we care Taliban have taken Kabul.

no answer?

OBL is dead, AQ is in shamble, victory for Biden who cares what happen to the people of Afghanistan.

this makes no sense. jibberish


Apparently you cons do…Hence this thread.

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