To complete Biden's humiliation

maybe news doesnt get around well in England’s other penal colony, but Biden’s president now

blame game is weak


Again, what are you getting at with this? Do you think we should care? If so, do you think we should have stayed?

At what point do the Afghans become responsible for their own rights and freedoms?

Also, who cares how much the embassy cost? We spent billions equipping and training the Afghan army.

It’s just ridiculous when one starts seeing the pieces, Trump had his faults but even the majority of press is putting this one on Biden because of what has been leading up to it. We will never know how Trump or anyone else would have handled it because we have been officially ran out of the country, no embassy burning papers and getting on helicopters. Trump has been gone nearly 9 months, these decisions of the hasty withdrawal between a country being taken over by the Taliban started around May.

One can connect the dots of this tragedy without needing to think on what Trump might have or didn’t do.

Like this beauty on why there was no air support right now to stop the columns of Taliban.

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True, but Trump already squandered it by picking fights with our friends an falling in love with dictators.


They don’t have oil we want.

As a moral people, we should care about people around the globe.

You expect the MAGA people to be consistent?


That’s a stretch isn’t it…

Biden’s president

time to take ownership and quit blaming

c’mon man



we’re the world’s cops and saviors again

say, should we also. you know. help build these tattered nations?

Halliburton call your office!

Dude. Biden is owning it. The last three presidents shirked their responsibilities.

Fact remains that Trump seriously damaged our standing on the world stage.

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No, thanks to Biden we are getting out of the world cop and savior business.

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good lord

yeah. owning it

when ambassadors have to scramble out, the policy is spot on huh?

sorry. save it for the profoundly stupid


and the only way to do that was to let the region devolve into chaos huh?

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Nobody is scrambling anywhere. Stop making things up.

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i’m sure all fake

here lemme put on msnbc baby


We did our part. 20 years, thousands of casualties, billions of dollars.

If “the region” is concerned, let them step up.

jan 20, 2021

“A-stan you’re on your own now!”


Usually means we need to pay attention to what else is going on.



didnt Biden say Taliban taking over A-stan was “highly unlikely”??


talk about being wrong as hell huh folks

oh but TRUMP, huh?