The Mueller Report -- Points of interest as I'm listening and reading

Several days ago I mentioned that you can get a free audio version of The Mueller Report from Amazon. Been listening to this and I’ve found it seems to give a lot more informative than reading it and sometimes scanning over things. So I thought I’d mention some stuff here in this thread that I’ve found interesting. I’ll post a free PDF link from the Justice Department at the end for those that want a free downloadable copy. Additionally, for those with Kindles, there’s a Kindle version for 99 cents.

I’ll preface this with this item from page 2.

The report describes actions and events that the Special Counsel’s Office found to be
supported by the evidence collected in our investigation. In some instances, the report points out
the absence of evidence or conflicts in the evidence about a particular fact or event. In other
instances, when substantial, credible evidence enabled the Office to reach a conclusion with
confidence, the report states that the investigation established that certain actions or events
occurred. A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there
was no evidence of those facts.

That last sentence is a blinder to Trump supporters. It says that there may have been evidence for certain facts, but that in some cases it didn’t establish those facts. In other words, there was a partial case. Not totally innocence.

Page 33 details interactions between the Trump campaign and the IRA (Internet Research Agency), which was a Russian-based operative.

The investigation identified two different forms of connections between the IRA and
. members of the Trump Campaign. (The investigation identified no similar connections between
the IRA and the Clinton Campaign.) First, on multiple occasions, members and surrogates of the
Trump Campaign promoted-typically by linking, retweeting, or similar methods of repostingpro-Trump or anti-Clinton content published by the IRA through IRA-controlled social media
accounts. Additionally, in a few instances, IRA employees represented themselves as U.S. persons
to communicate with members of the Trump Campaign in an effort to seek assistance and
coordination on IRA-organized political rallies inside the United States.

a. Trump Campaign Promotion of IRA Political Materials
Among the U.S. “leaders of public opinion” targeted by the IRA were various members
and surrogates of the Trump Campaign. In total, Trump Campaign affiliates promoted dozens of
tweets, posts, and other political content created by the IRA.
Posts from the IRA-controlled Twitter account @TEN_GOP were cited or retweeted by
multiple Trump Campaign officials and surrogates, including Donald J. Trump Jr.,96 Eric Trump,97 Kellyanne Conway,98 Brad Parscale,99 and Michael T. Flynn. 100 These posts included
allegations of voter fraud, 101 as well as allegations that Secretary Clinton had mishandled
classified information.102

The Report establishes that the Trump campaign – knowingly or not - was used by the IRA to spread disinformation.

Your comments are welcome.

Update: Second free Kindle edition of The Mueller Report.

Update II: A live reading of The Mueller Report begun on June 24, 2019, and mentioned in another thread. #factsmatter

Update: A celebrity reading of the Mueller Report (over an hour long)

A PBS summary of the Mueller Report in under 30 minutes.


Well that is very interesting.

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interesting about the IRA, i did not realize just how much the campaign used their content. there was an article not long ago about the the IRA reaction in the hours and days after MH17 and how that actually has affected and cemented some false conspiracy theories. its hard not to compare and contrast

No charges. Mueller has gone home. Nothing more to see.

House circus queued and ready to go.

Trump wins reelection.

Pretty much sums it up for me. :+1:


Thank you for posting this.


And our host is mentioned by name in the report as being one of the media accounts and high profile US individuals who also quoted tweets from the IRA (retweeting @Pamela_Moore13–an IRA account).

I mean no disrespect to our host. I’m just pointing out the context in which his name is mentioned in the report and how it relates to this topic. Our host can’t be blamed. I’m sure any deep-thinking, red-blooded, God-fearing, patriot would have been similarly tricked into promoting tweets of Russian operatives to 4 million followers.


Is there a “follow-the-bouncing”-nut version?? Or a sing-a-long song??

Maybe some comic strips for the libs who get informed by such?

snl, or bill maher version?

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Since you asked for it if I see an elementary school comic book version that puts it all in pictures for you, I’ll definitely let you know.

Oh, and I’m so so so so very sorry your O’s got walloped by the San Francisco Giants (last place in the NL West) 8-2 and 8-1 on Saturday and Sunday.


Your repeated dismissals have begun to take on a faint air of desperation. Just flush twice and let it go. :sunglasses:


Happy reading (and that’s not all…)!!

So no charges for Trump or for anyone having anything to do with Trump campaign. Got it. :+1:


Look into the groups they created and how many followers they had…there is a reason for it

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I’m just waiting on the impeachment.

I have a feeling I’m gonna be waiting a while (long, long time).

But what happened on Friday. What kind of loser team blows a 5 run first inning lead??

Seriously though, we’re about to pick first overall as I’m typing this. I’d be happy with the same next year.

I hope Friday’s win over the loser giants doesn’t hurt that plan.

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Crazy what you learn when you read the thing.

One of my favorite baffling parts is Roger Stone taking a pass on dirt on Clinton that involved money laundering.

The reasoning that I gleaned from the report was that Stone felt the amount of money that was claiming to be laundered was an amount too low for anyone to care about.

A lot of Trump supporters might want to take a breath when it comes to that, yes.

Once they run pelosi out and get a leader with some backbone I’m sure it’ll get done.

Those trump district mid-term winners are awful quiet. I wonder what they think.

You got them now!

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Just pace yourself, get plenty of rest and hydrate. Might be awhile. :slight_smile:

Maybe they should put up or shut up. Then I wouldn’t feel it necessary to mock the people who want impeachment because their feelings were hurt on election night 2016.