Multiple whistleblowers come forward

Fake news🤣

Please point me to your criticism of Trump?

I have no allegiance to any political party. Why is it that if you are not lock step in line with Trump then automatically you are a leftist and a Democrat.

Newsflash - it is possible to have nuanced political views which straddles the political spectrum.

No, Trump is the greatest President ever.

Obama was the sicko with his fisa abuse, Russian collusion lie, Spygate, the murder of Seth Rich.

Raise your standards

Didn’t you say that with the Obama Russian collusion hoax?

“A Democratic committee official said Thursday that Schiff “could have been more clear” when he told MSNBC the committee had not spoken to the whistleblower. The official explained that Schiff was referring to the fact that he and the committee had not officially interviewed the whistleblower, not the whistleblower’s initial contact with the committee staff”

Actually he didn’t…A staff member did

Here’s one.

Here’s another.

It was a lie. “We” is not “I” and he was specifically asked if they had talked to him prior.

If one accepts that D Trump was"just kidding", then it clearly, unequivocally and unambiguously proves that he has lost control of his faculties and is unfit for the office of President of the USA.

None of the reps on the committee. A staffer isn’t on the committee.

“We” refers to the committee. A staffer is not on the committee.

Congrats and thank you. You might be able to be saved after all.

Here’s a third. Out of curiosity, have you ever criticized anyone on the left for anything - ever, Mr. non-partisan?

I am saved. You’re the one that doesn’t believe that government corruption exists. I could vote many examples, but what’s the point? You wouldn’t budge from your “non-partisan” position.

Translation “No matter what comes out…it’s all a Deep State Plot and I won’t believe any of it”.

Thanks for playing.

Which number will be greater…Number of whistleblowers that we later find worth identifying


Number of days it took for Bernie Sanders to admit his medical “episode” was in fact a heart attack?

Looks like we will need 3 whistlers for the tie and 4 for the win.


Remember this post you just posted because before it’s over, I’ll wager you’ll be eating it?

I think DEEP STATE PLOT is overstating a bunch of back stabbing egoistical DC swamp critters.

It is what it is I suppose.


I remember all my posts.

I’m nor commenting on what will or what will not come out.

I’m commenting on the likely response from Trump supporters who are all in no matter what comes out.

The “I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue” comment by Trump is more and more true every day.

Call these rationalizations any thing you want to call them.