Multiple whistleblowers come forward

Mark Zaid, who is representing the first whistleblower, is also confirming he is now representing a second with first hand testimony to give.

Dam bursting maybe. And I gotta wonder if Bolton’s name is gonna pop up at some point.


There might be more about Trump’s “do us a favor” call that we don’t know about.

He is a disgrace to the office and an embarrassment to our country.


Orange man fading fast.

There will be more calls to other foreign leaders where Trump makes inappropriate/illegal comments/requests methinks.

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I wonder if one whistleblower wrote the summary of the call - and wa ordered to sanitize it a little…that’s my wild hunch.

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Down with the ship folks!

This is everything we deserve for electing a pile of ■■■■■

In. Before he did nothing illegal! And biden is a bad man blah blah blah

This is another coordinated hit-job that was conspired by the deep state and the uber-corrupt Demofascist Party.

How many spies do they have listening in on his calls?


There is nothing wrong with asking foreign governments to investigate American citizens for corruption. Nothing. If there’s corruption in the Democratic Party it SHOULD be exposed. Biden is even more corrupt than Obama is. The entire world knows it. The fact that these “whistle-blowers” are completely biased and they shouldn’t even have jobs in government. There would be nothing wrong with exposing these leakers as the traitors they are.

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I think it is the black helicopter lizard people masterminding this hit job using chemtrails and distracting us using Swamp gas from a weather balloon that is trapped in a thermal pocket and reflecting the light from Venus.


Hey whistle blowers…get your whistle here. :sunglasses:

Let me anticipate the Trump defense: Of course there are multiple whistleblowers – the Deep State consists of many people.


Bolton anyone?

It is the failed Kavenaugh tactics all over again. You would think they would learn something new.

Probably coached ahead of time by Schiff. He has already been exposed as lying about knowing ahead about the first one.

Graham says Schiff will be called as a witness if it gets to the Senate. :+1::grin:

Been there, done that…Obama, Clinton, Carter and none of them had record breaking positive results that benefit Americans. Carter gave us current day Iran; Clinton gave us 9/11; Obama gave us lawlessness and corruption and I’m sure there are some that are so proud! :roll_eyes:



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I’m gonna roll with 46.

Hmm, multiple. The attorney’s tweet to this says his firm represents “multiple” whistleblowers.

The peoples’ calls.

Is it sinking in yet how bad this is for the President?

It is still only going to get worse.

Wow that’s a weird view of history. Simply out of curiosity, how did Carter give us current day Iran? I’m guessing your knowledge of the Iranian revolution is limited.

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