Trump should ask foreign officials and U.S. government employees to stay elsewhere

Unless he’s letting them stay for free. It gives the appearance of a conflict-of-interest and corruption.

Why do you say that?

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You might have a point if Trump were recruiting them to stay at his hotels or if he’d suddenly gotten into the business after becoming president.

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He should do it to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

You’re welcome to believe it but there’s certainly no existing precedent for same.

There’s no conflict unless he’s directly involved in some way or using same to buy influence with the WH.

Just my opinion.

If Trump does it, some people will defend it like their lives depend on it.

Why weren’t all of Trump’s business holdings put into a blind trust? And before the idiocy commences, it is not a blind Trust if close relatives control it.

Who would have managed his business had it been put into a blind trust?

So lets see if all his properties were put in a blind trust answer these questions.

  1. would people still know they were owned by Trump.
  2. would his name need to be removed from them.
  3. would, at the end of the year, profit be transfered to Trump if he desired.
  4. would you and the world forget he owns the places.
  5. If the trust needed to sell property due to Trump needing money, would there be an investigation by congress/press/never trumpers over who purchased the property, if they paid extra, if it was a “pay off”

Trump promised that he would release his tax returns and that he would use a blind trust. Why not hold him to his word?

Nice deflection.

Want to answer the questions you posted an answer to?

I agree that Trump should keep his promises. I voted for him and plan to do so again, but I don’t like or agree with him all the time.

The U.S. needs successful business people to be president, not life-long politicians, ideologues and academics. Why would a successful business person run for office if they are somehow obligated to disassociate from their life’s work?

Way too late.

Why does the US need successful business people to run the government? The government shouldn’t be run like a business. The government’s function is to serve the people. That’s why a job in government is literally called “Public Service.” The President isn’t supposed to be the CEO of the USA. He’s supposed to be the commander in chief of our armed forces and the head of the Executive branch. (Read as law enforcement.) It even says so right in that Federal Constitution which a lot of you people keep right on ignoring.

The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough successful business people in government. The problem is career politicians serving their own interests instead of those of the public they’re supposed to be serving. Term limits would go a long way towards addressing that. Civil service shouldn’t be a career. It should be a ■■■■■■■ Civic duty.

You’re pretending that it doesn’t matter whether or not he uses a blind trust… but if it didn’t matter, why did he promise it? If it didn’t matter whether or not he would show his tax return, why did he pretend that he would?

The fact is that republicans do not want to hold the president accountable for anything. If this were Obama, surely, you wouldn’t ask any of those questions.

So successful business people that get elected to the presidency should have to sever ties to their life’s work?

lol @ the shot at academics. Running a business is not like running a country. When you run a business, the business owners top priority is self enrichment, not to benefit society as a whole.

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If they’re using the public office to promote their private business, they shouldn’t be in public office. They sure as hell shouldn’t be heading the Executive branch. (Again read as heading Law Enforcement.)