Trump congratulated China on 70 years of communism

DUMB. China is the epitome of the corrupt, totalitarian state and Trump is congratulating them? I know Trump is trying to maintain a friendly demeanor with them but this is over the top.

woops. this isn’t twitter

Patrick, you may want to add a little something something to that OP.

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Done. :slight_smile:

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My guess is trump told Xi he’d keep quiet on Hong Kong if China would say bad stuff about Hunter Biden. This dumb congratulatory tweet was part of that.

And to make sure javnaka keep getting those copyright approved

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How is that not being investigated?

Too much and not enough time to cover them all

Another addition to the what if Obama did it list.


No doubt. On another note, I own a bridge in San Francisco. I’ll sell it to you for cheap.

He envies dictatorships.


Trump should have taken the moment to encourage China to re-examine their system and to turn to one that is democratic. Congratulating them was absolutely the wrong thing to do.

Do you think Obama was envious of a dictatorship when he used the IRS to prevent conservative groups from participating in the 2012 election? I imagine you must have been outraged about that, right? Of course not. You have NO PROBLEM with a police-state, as long as it’s the Democrats that are running it.

I don’t know you, Go post your meltdowns to someone else.

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Meltdown? LOL. Did my questions hurt your feelings?

Agreed. It’s dumb as all hell but i’m sure trump didn’t want his little girl’s trademarks to go poof.

I doubt that Trump ever runs his tweets by anyone else. Do you think Mike Pompeo was consulted? I highly doubt it. Some of his tweets are grammatically incorrect or has misspellings. I have to imagine that his kids (among others) have STRONGLY advised him to get a proofreader but he’s too stubborn to do it.

Again …didn’t happen. No group was stopped from participation in 2012 election no matter how many times you try to push that narrative

If it didn’t happen, why does the IRS say that it DID happen?

No they said there was unacceptable focus on certain groups review of tax exempt status. That did not stop those groups from participation in 2012 ellection or having the tax exempt status. Once a group declares they operate under that status until told otherwise and even if they are told they do not qualify there is no requirement to retroactive pay those taxes during the timer period they declared .