Liberate michigan!

Undermining the governor of a state.

Encouraging anti-government and 2nd amendment folk with guns to rebel against lock-down orders.

That was the President of our country today.

Frankly, I think the governor should open up the state entirely.

And everyone of the protesters who gets the virus will get to recover from it at home. No hospitals for them.

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Darwinism at work.

But God fearing folk don’t believe in that Satanic nonsense anyway, we’re good.


Seems to be the solution trump wants. The governor should do that very thing, making it abundantly clear that this is in response to trump’s call.

But she actually cares about the people of Michigan.

Trump is incapable of understanding that.

You people may be content to have your constitutional rights curtailed for the foreseeable future, but but I’m on the protesters side in this.


Why didn’t Trump tweet Liberate Ohio?

People legally carrying firearms during a lawful protest.

Oh, the horror of it all!


If she actually cared about the people of Michigan she would have her state’s Public Health Authorities and Hospitals prepared for this outbreak.


Does Abbott care about Texas when he issued similar policy.

Why are people not protesting in Texas? where is the liberate Texas tweet from the President.

There are standard set for reaching each stage if opening. Governors can’t open everything up immediately.
The priority was reportedly to keep hospital admissions down to a manageable load. There does not seem to be any reason , apart from spite, to exclude from hospital recovery protesters against draconian lockdown rules who get sick, if the load on hospital remains manageable after lockdown rules are relaxed.

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He didn’t issue similar policies.

Because our governor hasn’t issued draconian orders that violate our rights.


Weird statement. So Trump doesn’t care about America?

The federal gov’t was prepared but was overwhelmed when so many states failed to do their part.

The Federal Response to any emergency is only to support the states, not to supplant or replace them.


Looks like Texas and is on it’s way to being liberated.


If Trump steps in because a situation is critical on a national level, he’s trying to be a king.
If Trump doesn’t step in and personally fix the problems created for a state by that state’s incompetent government, he’s not being a leader.
If he stepped in and overruled the governor, he’d be a dictator.
If Trump doesn’t accept the assessment of WHO and Chinese, he’s anti- science and xenophobic and heavy-handed.
If Trump listened to WHO and China, but they later proved liars, he’s at fault for failing to prepare soon enough and adequately enough once their lies become evident.

Nothing Trump does will ever be right to the left.


That pretty well sums it up.

At some point rational people would come to the conclusion that when so much of their belief system is based solely on fabrications and outright lies it might be time to reexamine those beliefs.


It’s up to you…as an individual…thus…individual rights.

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