Stone Mountain Militia takeover

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Why is that your opinion? No one else I have seen has expressed any such thing.

The “Terrorists” were in Dover this past Friday. Everyone was terrorized and were seen running away from the protest in stark terror. LOL.

Instead of the hyperbole.

Deal with the reasons for the protest.

Knee on neck for 8 plus minutes.



You are being very uncivil to fellow members. Tone down the rhetoric please.


WR stated it was a takeover of the state park.


Indeed. And we’re also seeing the nervous twittering of “escalation” and “takeover” and expressions of the likelihood it will turn to violence. So often there is some distinguishing characteristic that has to be expressed when black Americans are the ones legally bearing Arms. It’s a frequent strain and calls out the credibility of many defenses of the second amendment, because there are so many that elevate its value only when certain populations exercise it.

I’ve been on Sean’s board since 2005. If you want to see scrupulous and consistent application of a defense of the second amendment regardless of race or population, look to sneaky’s posts.

If you want to see relativism, there are other viewpoints that get frequent expression.

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Yeah for the 1st and 2nd Amendments! And the day after Independence Day!

Ah, my mistake then. That is of course, completely incorrect. A lawful protest per the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the United States Constitution.

I’m so proud of my fellow Americans!

Exactly. They are in Georgia which allows that kind protest.

In jersey it would be frowned upon with arrests of the perps.


There was no threat and no takeover of the capitol by the protesters.

Ditto with Stone Mountain. I’m trying to lay my finger on what else is different.

It’ll come to me eventually.


Why thank you for your kind recognition kind sir.

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Then “jersey” is in violation of the US Constitution and should be held in abeyance until it un ■■■■■ itself.

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I thought about that but figured it would look too much like sucking up to mod, and that’s a reputation I’d rather avoid. :slight_smile:


Cool. I’ll give that a try. Thanks.


I understand your trepidation, give it not a second thought.

Thanks again.

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That is what the RW echo chamber pushes daily.

You know you’re my guy Ray Man.

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If there was any doubt the last couple of months have eliminated it.

Ditto hermano.

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