Liberate michigan!

She can fix the unrest really easy by loosening the restrictions on goods, family, and property.

All can be done with good virus mitigation.

She doesn’t want to listen…More and larger protests. She cannot enforce what she ruled by Fiat.


This is a disturbing trend among Democrat governors.

Funny it was dem’s warning US that Trump would become a dictator.


So blocking traffic when protesting is now acceptable?

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here we go hating on the first amendment again

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when it’s for preservation of your rights, yes

not because of stratospheric level butthurtism for losing an election


She cares about iron fisted power it looks like. Her orders go well beyond reasonable.


I didn’t see anyone laying on the road.

Driving is fine. If they broke the law…give them a ticket.

WAY beyond reasonable. By doing so she diminished effective participation.

So much for the right to life.

Simply out of curiosity, anyone live in Michigan besides me?

Not me, but I want to say I am amazed by the minority protest movement over a favorably viewed health policy.

People are not protesting over sensible things like better healthcare, education or wages. They are protesting to make multi millionaires and billionaires wealthy. This is the insanity of American capitalism.

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It was reported that the traffic held up a ambulance from being able to access the entry to a ER.

Okay, so next time Republicans purge the voter rolls or gerrymander the ■■■■ out of a district, you’ll have no problem with this kind of protest.

And give those laying in the road jaywalking tickets.

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When the Governor acts like a mini Dictator of course Trump will support the people!

I’ve actually said this about the people who went to church and said they were claiming protection from the blood of Jesus.

That if they then got sick, they be denied hospital care. They can stay at home and pray it away.

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Mmm… KoolAid.

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Finally, a Trump supporter acknowledges that these are things.

did you see that “report?”

“When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total. That’s the way it’s got to be,” Trump claimed Monday.

In before: “It’s not what he says, it’s what he does!” Yeah, no. It’s what he says, too.

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