Stone Mountain Militia takeover

Exactly. They are in Georgia which allows that kind protest.

In jersey it would be frowned upon with arrests of the perps.


There was no threat and no takeover of the capitol by the protesters.

Ditto with Stone Mountain. I’m trying to lay my finger on what else is different.

It’ll come to me eventually.


Why thank you for your kind recognition kind sir.

In the future, please use the @ feature so people don’t miss your compliments.

Then “jersey” is in violation of the US Constitution and should be held in abeyance until it un ■■■■■ itself.

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I thought about that but figured it would look too much like sucking up to mod, and that’s a reputation I’d rather avoid. :slight_smile:


Cool. I’ll give that a try. Thanks.


I understand your trepidation, give it not a second thought.

Thanks again.

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That is what the RW echo chamber pushes daily.

You know you’re my guy Ray Man.

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If there was any doubt the last couple of months have eliminated it.

Ditto hermano.

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For some, there was never doubt.

The rest of America, including corporate America, is slowly opening their eyes to the inequitable system in place. I am very aware, many, will keep their eyes shut.

No, they are simply bowing to coercion.

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Some people will always see it that way.

Yes, those who can accept the truth.

Serious folks. At first glance at least.

What terrorist acts have BLM sanctioned?

Nope. Some people refuse to see the truth, and make up their own version, of their truth.

I am very aware of that, and adjust accordingly.

Does a coalition not conjure organization of multiple groups united for a common purpose?