Legalizing Psychedelics

This isn’t the first grass roots movement to attempt to legalize 'shrooms via ballot initiative, but it’s the first one I’ve seen get approved for the gathering of signatures.

The 2020 Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon, as it is called, requires just 117,578 signatures out of the 2 million eligible Oregonian voters in order to appear on the 2020 ballot referendum.

Best of luck, Oregon!


Is this a slippery slope of legalization cannabis, or just a natural next step in preserving freedom over one’s own body?


You probably knew I’d be the first one to answer. They’re trying to get enough signatures here to get it on the ballot next election. But yes, go Oregon!


I suppose I could be ok with it. Maybe.

I did shrooms one time, a long time ago. Wow. Will never do again. Intensely hallucinogenic. I just wanted it to stop.


Stupid refresh. I think mushrooms, being another plant with some mental health benefits, it seems, I’m for legalizing. I’m not for legalizing every drug that’s out there however.

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As a therapist and an Oregonian I am a huge proponent of this. The evidence for efficacy is all there. They’ve been doing evidence based “experiements” at places like NYU and John’s Hopkins with pretty amazing results for anxiety, end or life care, addiction and OCD traits. I would love to be a certified guide in assisting people with psilocybin.

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I’m definitely trying them at some point. My daughter has them every so often and loves them. Not sure how I’d handle them, but I plan to give it a shot one day. It would be nice if they were legal by then so I’d know how much to try because apparently there’s more than one variety. I did get some helpful info here once though before the post was deleted. :slight_smile:

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Half or more of those “guides” are unlicensed anyhow, go for it lol.

Kidding of course, you could get in big trouble as I’m sure you know well.

It would be nice to have someone that was trained be your guide.

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Maybe Orygun could set up a session for us. :slight_smile:

The best helpful info is to do it with someone experienced and know that your mind will go places you never expected and don’t fight it, just roll with it and enjoy the ride. Nothing is going to happen to you but the mind is a funny thing and you can convince yourself of anything.

Can I say I’m kinda shocked that you have never tried them? :slight_smile:

Regarding your daughter, could be the one time I tried them, they weren’t a very good “batch”. There’s probably different levels and different kinds.

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And that’s what’s always kept me from trying them before. I never knew if I really wanted to explore the deep dark depths of my mind. I think I’m fairly sane, but what if I’m really just on the edge? It’s a scary thing for me, but it seems like most people do fine…

I’ve only ever tried weed, cocaine, speed, and some weed supposedly laced with PCP - that was done unknowingly, lol. Never anything I wanted to try. Cocaine and speed, I never liked. I don’t like being “jittery” and they did that to me. I always wanted to try peyote but it was hardly ever to be found. I dated a guy once that took lsd like it was water - all the time. He tried to get me to take it but I was too scared of it. But weed? That one clicked.

I always thought there was just one kind of mushroom, but apparently there’s 3 or 4. I’ll try to remember where I read about them and clear that up.

I’m talking about if it was legalized in 2020. It would only be legalized under the care of a medical professional or licensed therapist.

I always feel like I’m missing out when these drug threads pop up. Never tried anything.

As for the thread topic, I don’t really know what drugs are out there. But as long as we keep the hard stuff illegal, like meth and heroin, I have no complaints.

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There is one common kind; I will say this, if you are outdoors it is 1000% better, also, you can’t be around people that are not participating.

I won’t go into details with what I just ate, but my night is about to get highly introspective. lol


Alcohol? Meth was pretty much what I had in mind about the ones I wouldn’t want legalized. I’d say anything that doesn’t occur naturally, but MDMA and LSD do also have some mental health benefits. Maybe best kept under a Dr.s care though.

Wouldn’t it be better to have someone who isn’t though? Just in case you go off the deep end?