Someone please tell me - how is a wall going to deter this

I’m sure as soon as they learned about bump keys, they immediately removed their doors from the hinges.


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Welcome to Day 1 of the TRUMP-COULTER-LIMBAUGH government shutdown!!!


Fat Donald should just have just gone ahead and gone down to Marred-A-Lago.

We the taxpayers of America no doubt would have been happy to have another costly jet transport any Bill that possibly comes out of Congress today flown down to Florida to have him put his chicken scratching on it.

Lord knows Dear Leader doesn’t mind wasting taxpayers money.

With big cannon brought in on their ships. (Some of which cannon now rest in plaza-like memorials in Istanbul honoring the siege. ) If the illegals want to try that, cool…then we can escalate.

Most on the left here have no military experience. So the concept of effective defenses is less than mature with them. (Right up there with “yeah man… what if they gave a war and nobody came, man”) One of the things they don’t understand is that the goal is to up the stakes and increase the difficulty to your adversary, forcing them to such things as are being discussed here… like ultralights. Then we counter. And they counter. And with each iteration, fewer and fewer can successfully breach your border. It will never go to zero. It is how the game has been played for 10,000 years and will continue to be played. But the first defense is essential or you might has well just give up.


How is a wall going to deter this?

Homeland Security: More than 600,000 foreigners overstayed U.S. visas in 2017

stock market tanking. debt exploding. republicans haven’t heard of ladders and drones.

vote these idiots out of government.


It won’t. That’s the problem with Trump’s simplistic approach. The problem is a complex one that actually requires thinking through the problem in order to come up with solutions that will actually work.

And there’s no way in hell Trump is up to that challenge.


Two Texas lawmakers — one Republican, one Democrat — warned Homeland Security Department officials Thursday that it won’t be easy to build President Donald Trump’s border wall in the Lone Star State if private landowners have anything to say about it.

Even if he gets the money, there would be years of lawsuits involving private land.

Does the idiot Fat Donald even have a clue where he would begin to spend that $5 billion on? Or where specifically should be spent? Or on what exactly it should be spent on?

So far all I have him or his Trumplicans saying is “build a wall”.

Not with any details. Not with any specifics. Why should anyone in Congress just throw $5 billion at Fat Donald to spend when the most solid thing we have from him is his BS campaign rhetoric, which is as fluid and changing as the Mississippi has been over eons?

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Yeah, that is true as well. There needs to be accountability as to where the money is spent, feasibility studies, and details on exactly what this wall will look like.

And this is just a minimum. $5 billion is a heck of a lot of money to be just tossing out there.

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So you think that illegals who live in sanctuary cities and states wont vote… with the help of Democrat poll workers who will look the other way?

we’re trying to fix our border security issue the same way cities in MESOPOTAMIA did. you know, 2900 years ago.

here’s something else that happened during that era…

  • Greeks adopt alphabetic writing.

That doesn’t happen.

maybe he’s confused because of North Carolina.


In all of this it seems the Right is-are the ones flat out ignoring such fiscal responsibility with regards this $5 billion of the people’s money.

Mind you I know they will point out all the blind spending done by past Presidents, especially Democratic ones, that would be something worth looking into, but because that was how it was done in the past should not be how it is done today. If they wished to take to the moral political high ground then let them begin here and now!

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People say that illegals don’t vote. I do not believe it. If a person does not want to vote, why come to the United States to find an opportunity? They may vote elsewhere, but they want to come here. It makes sense. Our vote is better than voting elsewhere, because the US is great again. However, if you are illegal, you cannot do it. So I said that all illegal immigrants disappeared, because voting in the United States is too important.

Our walls are better today. I could provide a list in technological improvements but I suspect they would be ignored here.

Back then, they used projectiles too. Does that mean that projectiles are obsolete?

Back then, they had ships. Does that mean that ships are obsolete?

Back then, fire was used in warfare. Does that mean that the use of fire is obsolete?

Back then, soldiers and guards needed food and water. Does that mean food and water is obsolete?

No… these things are still needed.

When Fat Donald has his acolytes and sycophants shouting at his reelection rallies “build the wall” has he ever discussed how many more Americans along the border will be having that “big beautiful wall” cutting across their property or even leaving them and their homes on the Mexican side of the “big beautiful wall”?

I would be damned surprised if Fat Donald is in the least bit informed about the atrocities already visited by our government on so many Americans whose property sits at the border?

Prove it.

Provide the records.