Legalizing Psychedelics

Either some fungus, or you’ve been hanging around with Maureen Dowd? O’Dowd? Can’t really remember the name.

I guess, a close friend that is NOT some judgmental sober person, who would trigger a “bad trip”. But honestly there was always a strong desire to only be with people on the same trip.

Also, some good quality LSD blows the ■■■■ out of shrooms. Only did it once, legit pure liquid on a sugar cube.


LSD is derived from ergot fungus, which used to be used for birthing pains back in the colonial days. It also had a lot to do with the Salem With Trials. lol

I think if the first one went well, I’d probably want everyone to be doing it too. Much would depend on that first trip.

Never had a bad one, or really saw anyone either. Only stories.

A “trip sitter” is always a safe bet for people without such experiences. They don’t have to be in the room with you though, and unlike DMT (another natural psychedelic), you won’t lose consciousness.

They are just there to keep you from acting out on the idea that you can fly from the rooftops. lol

Well that seems likely!! Poor witches. I didn’t realize it was from a fungus - I thought it was all man made. Learn something all the time!

I’ve heard of DMT but know nothing about it. I’ll have to look it up. But probably not try it. I have no desire to lose consciousness.

Alcohol yes. But I haven’t had as much experience with it compared to others my age. I used to be a pretty boring and straight-laced kind of guy in my youth.

Yeah, but I’m kind of cautious with things that involve my mind.

Although if being in the middle of a small canyon, and looking down to realize your surrounded by spiders would be considered a bad trip, maybe… I was fascinated.

Hundreds were darting between the rocks near the stream side. The hallucinogenic parts are about patterns and motion, not as much seeing stuff that isn’t actually there.

Do you live anywhere that weed has been legalized? A low dose edible would be something to try if you’re interested.

I am too, I have no plans on re-living those days. But I am happy I did with close friends (college years).

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Ewww, spiders - no thanks lol. So you don’t really see something that’s not there - things just move/change shape maybe?

Eh, I would never start with edibles.

Just a small amount of smoke.

Well me either. But someone that hardly uses alcohol, maybe.

I like the open-mindedness in this thread.

Now, if you fine people will excuse me, I have some mechanical elves that are anxious to interact with me. Cheers!

That’s my experience, like a pattern in a rug or anywhere else, like a kaleidoscope that changes and you may “see” things in.

Probably when I should have done it, but it seems much more appealing to me now that I’m older. Go figure.