Legalizing Psychedelics


The good thing about smoke is your lungs are an automatic limiter, and frankly smoke has the best effect.


That’s pretty much what my daughter has said, but I kind of wanted other opinions on that. One that might not be trying to talk me into it. :slight_smile:


Have fun!!


Definitely. I’m just thinking about a very mild dose for someone new. Hell, I can still get too much and I only ever have one good long hit from the vaporizer.


Medical only. I like to travel, so one of these days I’ll end up in a state where it’s legal recreationally, and give it a try.


If you smoke take a few short tokes and wait in between. If it’s an edible, start with maybe 5 mg. But they take forever.


I’ve talked a couple of people down while participating as well myself. Someone else I don’t think would’ve clicked with it the way I did. It was almost like reading their minds, just being in the same state (tripping not flipping) of mind. Anyhow, you’ll do fine I bet. Very few people actually lose it, especially with the right people to do it with. I’ve told people not to before because I could tell they just weren’t ready for that kind of thing or the wrong personality type. Not comfortable in their own skin or whatever.


Heheh. You need fresher shrooms…………….


This thread helps explain some of the weird stuff going on around here…




That makes me feel more relaxed about it. :slight_smile:




If something that grows has to be illegal how about Johnson Grass? It causes me a lot more trouble than pot or mushrooms.


If we just made poison ivy illegal, people would stop getting rashes.


Some say shrooms are like getting in the back seat of a car and going on the wildest ride imaginable, while LSD is like getting in the driver’s seat of that same car.

DMT (which is nearly identical to Seritonin) will blast your soul straight through your DNA and out the other end of the universe. It’s what Moses was inhaling in that cave with the burning Acacia. That’s how religions go and get started. lol


I’ve read some crazy stories about DMT - short-lived but waaay out there…


I don’t recommend psychedelics as a recreational thing. As fun as they are, you will come face-to-face with your higher self at some point when your ego is most vulnerable.


I highly recommend Michael Pollens new book “How to Change your Mind” that takes a deep look at psychedelics, the history and modern research along with his own experiences and thoughts- well worth the read for anyone interested in this subject.


DMT is how a lot of old religions got started. It can even turn the most avid atheist into an agnostic.

Here’s a documentary hosted by Joe Rogan about the nature of DMT and to some extent the other classical psychedelics.


DMT can also kill you. Never had any interest in it myself, though it does sound intense.