How do we contact the mod supervisor

It used to be mod1 back in the old days. So who heads up the mods now and how can I send a note to that person?

@Talk2Bill @GWH

There you go Mad, They should be notified someone taged them in this thread. There is not mod1, there is the administrator – they deal with mostly the technical issues of the board.

Is one of you the person in charge?

Talk2bill is the most senior mod, but no real 1 person in chage. More a collective.

Well, then I will address this to the three of you and in this thread rather than a private message. There have been several instances lately where there have been what appears to be highly arbitrary decisions to move threads and delete content that border on punitive. I understand (as a mod myself on a music board) that mod decisions will not always be agreeable to members. But the overriding factor, in my case anyway, is that they are done for the good of the board.

I don’t feel that has been the case recently. The two most recent instances were the moving of the Bezos-National Enquirer threads from Politics to Outside the Beltway. It appears to me to be an obvious move to bury discussion of the topics. As you certainly know, Bezos is owner of the Washington Post. The Enquirer was linked directly with burying the Stormy Daniels story that could have been fatal to Donald Trump’s candidacy before the 2016 election, something the Post has been reported on in the past and, from the charges from Bezos yesterday, was planning to do so again, something the Enquirer wanted to stop by printing embarrassing photos.

As I posted in the OP of the first thread, the Enquirer has been also under a no-prosecution agreement. If this charge by Bezos is proven, that agreement goes by the wayside.
And as was also posted this morning, federal prosecutors are now investigating Bezos’ charges.

So the whole case with Bezos as owner of the Post, the allegations involving AMI which involve stopping printing stories about them likely connected to the election, is dripping in politics. Oh, and did we forget President Trump’s tweets about both Bezos and the Post? He has made news with those comments and added another element of politics to it.

The nitpicking … and that’s what it has been … to move threads like those recalls an earlier and darker time here when arbitrary decisions ruled. I was here for that and experienced some of it personally. I was very glad to see that end. I don’t want to go back to that and I think I speak for everyone when I say none of us on either side does. I don’t think you guys do either.

The thing about this board that has kept us here is the willingness to allow free discussion by both sides. It looks to me like we’re getting away from that with category moves and deletions of some comments that are opinionated, either against the president or even members. Let me be clear: The uninhibited abuse comments from one member at another do not make this a better place and I am glad to see you go after that. But criticism is part of free discussion. Without it there is none. To say 'You’re wrong" or “That’s dumb” should NOT cause a deletion. (I initially left out the ‘not’. Sorry.)

I’ve gone on enough. Thanks for listening.

(The links below are for information on some of what I said above.)

As was stated to you in another thread .

Bezo’s is NOT a politician
National equirer is NOT a political or government agency
Bezo’s affair is NOT politica
Invesxtigation to see if they committed a crime of extortion is NOT political. If they broke a law, breaking their agreement by violating another law is NOT political.

There is free discussion of the topic in the appropriate category on the board – that is outside the beltway.

Other mods are free to chime in if they desire.

And a reminder to all who may come into this thread . . .

This is NOT a tolk to the moderator forum. Thread will be locked an only mods will be able to respond and unlock for the op to respond as needed if this thread starts getting into the old told to the moderator fiasco.

I’m not going to disagree that there have been some apparently arbitrary mod decisions lately, HOWEVER…

…in this case, on this board, the category a thread is in is irrelevant.

Because you can set your view to “All Categories”, like I have, and you see all threads based on when the thread has been modified.

You can even run a setting in this view so you don’t see the Administrator Bot threads.

So discussion of the Bezos stories isn’t stifled by how it is categorized.

Or doesn’t have to be.

So in other words everything I took the time to say won’t be even considered?

And I would like to hear from all three mods, please.

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Do you mean talk? Not told?

Once again, Bezo’s is not a politician, embarrassing photo’s of him is not political. Telling him to stop digging with his news paper or they get published is not political.

EVERY member of the board can make is so all threads appear when they log in. If they chose not to, it’s not the MOD’s fault. That’s WHY we have seperate area’s of the board, and threads are moved to the appropriate sub forum.

If someoen breaksa law and their agreement is broken doesn’t necessarily make it political. In this case it’s a possible blackmail case UNRELATED to any politician that could break the agreement.

Just because the parent company has done things political doesn’t make THIS one political. Just becuase it causes the president to tweet doesn’t make the issue political.

And once again, there IS free discussion from both sides allowed in the threads that are not in the politics subthread.

Better now that I’ve address your issues.

And as I said, the other mods will post their opinions if they wish.

Yes I did

And you exactly reasoned why it is. So Bezos should go along with alleged extortion/blackmail then? He won’t. And he shouldn’t. As much as some people don’t like him or Amazon or The Post, no one should cow to this situation.

Then move the positioning OTB higher in the category list. If you move a thread there it’s for all intents and purposes buried. Or create another thread for news items that aren’t poltical, such as these two were and give us a choice.

When the person involved (Bezos) is the owner of a newspaper whose political reporting is the reason for an extortion attempt against him, it is political.

In this particular instance, I firmly disagree with both sentences. Note I said in this particular instance.

And once again, there IS free discussion from both sides allowed in the threads that are not in the politics subthread.

Better now that I’ve address your issues.

And as I said, the other mods will post their opinions if they wish.

Thanks for addressing this issue. You didn’t comment on the civility situation, but maybe that can be commented on by someone else. Please, however, consider the category suggestion for an alternative to move these threads to besides Outside the Beltway. This is Page One news. Outside the Beltway has several non-news threads in it. (“What Are You Reading?” “Alternative Medicine” “Great Supplement for Older People”. Combining those threads with the newsier threads is not the best mix. Hopefully something can be changed there.

Can I clean up your qute tags in that post?

I think I just did, but if I missed one, sure. I didn’t realize you had to have the quote command right next to the sentence.

Looks like I did miss one. Thank you for that.

Not a discussion for this thread.

Default on the board is everyone see’s all threads from every category. Outside the belt wasy IS for news items that are not political.

No it’s not.

But as I noted, some of the threads in OTB aren’t news at all. Why not move them? Don’t some of these belong in Trivial Pursuits?


And those are just some …

Hmm…I thought I’d made a post reiterating the way to make post category irrelevant by setting one’s view to “All Categories”.

Maybe I forgot to hit “post”.

So any of the other mods going to comment? And what about my suggestion for OTB?