A Note of Thanks


This is why this thread did not work out.


You had me at vehement vitriol.


That’s been tried. Look where it went.

Where it went?

I see a forum full of people having discussions.

You see what you want to see.

Do you?

Because I don’t.

I can tell you what I see. But I’ll reserve my thoughts behind the scene.

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This forum isn’t perfect, but it’s a lovely spot on the internet. It’s a bright spot where those who disagree debate.

The internet is full of Nazis and racists who celebrate the suffering of others, like the explosion of the gas line. They give fleas to those who hang with them.

It’s always harder being on the defense. It was hard when a non current, moral man was president. I imagine it’s extremely hard to defend Trump.



Then you’re reading a different forum.

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I see pretty much the same forum I joined in 2004(ish) with the exception that the group that posted mainly in trivial pursuit has left.

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Are you sure its not ‘internet trolls’ instead of an internet full of Nazis?


Sorry but I don’t share that opinion.


I recall Lee Kington frequently saying that threads take a life of their own after they are started. I’ve had plenty of threads take a different direction than I thought they’d take after posting them - no big deal as far as I was concerned.


'Bout time. You are very welcome chief!


Yep exactly snow. I joined August 2002. Same forum. Slightly different names.
Cons and libs doing daily battle to further the American agenda.


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Not to be nosey, but if you don’t mind a question.

How long have you been here.

Forgive me if you take offense.


I say 2004(ish). I really don’t know when I actually joined. 2004 is when I started my new career, and I was a member then. And I surfed the forum for about a year before I joined.

Obvious exception noted.

There’s no point in dredging up an old thread just to have a pity party.

And yet, here you are. Creating melodrama.

You’re most welcome and happy anniversary.

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There is none so blind…