Films to Look Forward to See in 2019

Films I’m looking forward to see in 2019:

Avengers: Endgame
Annabelle 3
Rambo 5
Terminator 6
Star Wars 9
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Pet Semetary
It: Chapter 2
Happy Death Day 2 U
John Wick Chapter 3
The Lion King
Toy Story 4
Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
Captain Marvel

I worked on John Wick 3.

I think it had the potential to be an absolutely bonkers action movie.

John Wick was damn good.
John Wick 2, somewhat less so but still fun
Looking forward to 3.

Saw Aquaman last night, was disappointed. Take out the gonzo SFX, and it’s little better than the action shows I used to watch on TV in the early 80s.

John Wick 2 was the hardest movie that I ever worked on.

It was brutal.

John Wick 3 not so much since I got on the crew basically at the last minute and I wasn’t on for the whole shebang.

Still… it was a crazy job over the summer that involved shutting down part of the Verrazano bridge for a car chase.

What were you doing for the film?


I was in the credits for Wick 2.

Parted ways with that crew a little bit after that movie to go and do stuff that wasn’t nights in the rain. Great group of guys and gals to work with.

They also did “A Quiet Place”.

Most recently I did Tales of the City that is coming to Netflix… I think that it will be a good drama. The target Audience is squarely LGBTQ, but from the episode that they showed us… it looks good.


For those who like the theater experience, there are a couple of good subscription services out there now where you can pay a monthly fee. There are 2 I can recommend:

AMC A-list: With this one, you currently pay $19.95 / month for up to 3 movies a week (however, they will be raising the price effective 1/1, so hurry if you want to lock in this price for a year). I actually have this one currently - it works pretty good if you like to watch more than 3 movies a month. You also get their rewards program and priority lines with this. The down side is that you can only use it at AMC branded theaters.

Sinemia: I don’t have this one currently, but have used it. I liked it fine, but AMC A list worked out better for me. They have multiple plans, so check their website for the plan that suits your needs the best. You can use this one at any theater.

There is one other one out there that use to be popular, but - they’ve gotten a bad rap due to sudden changes to their TOS constantly. This one is called Moviepass - but it is one I have never used, therefore can’t comment on how it is personally. I do know there are a lot of complaints out there about it.



I liked it. Some of the dialogue could have used some reworking. Best DC movie outside of Wonder Woman. I give Aquaman a 7.

Aquaman better than the Dark Knight? I protest, sir!

Sorry. Has.

Punching it out on a phone. The s it right beside the d.

OK, thanks - had me worried for a moment.

2019 is going to be an epic year, with both the Marvel arc and Game of Thrones ending.

I’m also looking forward for the Child’s Play remake or reboot.

Happy Death Day was a way better movie than you would expect for that particular genre.

Interested in seeing number 2.

There’s going to be another Terminator? Good grief, shut it down already.

Meant the DC Expanded Universe. Everything since the Man of Steel movie. The Dark Knight definitely tops everything in the DCEU

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The first one was so good, I didn’t care as much for the second though.

Ya that list has a lot of 4,5,6,7,8,9’s on it. Why did Happy deaths day need a sequel I’ll never know.

No booo booo lucylou :weary:

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Really looking forward to 3. For some reason the Italy sequence in 2 when he is outfitting is one of my favorite pieces of filmmaking in an action film.