Equality, Equity and Value Added-"Palestinians"

This thread was a pretty good discussion this morning and it got me thinking:

Are all societies/cultures of equal value? Are they all worth losing lives to try to save?

Or are some simply gap bad actors the world would be better off without?

Answers about “humanity” are not interesting. It is not a discussion about the value of individual lives or children. It is a discussion about the effort to preserve cultures/societies as they exist today.

I think the Israel/Gaza issue is a good example. The “Palestinians” have been a problem for decades if not centuries. They contribute nothing of value to the world. The people suffer in misery even on a good day.

And now their leaders did what they did. And Israel will do what it has to do.

If Israel removes the people from that 45k x 12k strip and assumes governance over it, should we mourn? Should we be outraged? If so, why?

The world will have one less bad actor. The people from Gaza will have better lives, either somewhere else or under Israeli rule.

A burden will be lifted, objectively, from the rest of the world.

While it sounds harsh, objectively, is it?

Is every society/culture worth preserving. Or does there come a time when, through their own savage actions, they’re simply not worth it anymore?

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Specially when you view it through lens of time. Something to think about.


There are of course other examples:

Nazi Germany and Japan come to mind.


The first questions that must be objectively answered in a straight forward assessment. Is the society greater as a whole than the sum of its individual members? Or… Is the society as a whole a retarding factor lessening its individual members?

The way I look at it, preserving individual societies/cultures outweigh society at large unless individual society become destructive to societies at large.

Hope that makes sense.

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We are talking about justifying ethnic cleansing here, right?

Get out of your fee fees. Nobody said anything about ethnicities. Move the needle.

Think policy and actions, not ancestry and blood.


Nah, some cultures are just plain trash(canistan). :rofl:


Gaza is a problem for Israel. Should the Big Society lift a finger to prevent Israel from solving its problem?

Or will the world be a better place when it’s solved?

The world would be a better place without the Gaza and West Bank problem (especially Gaza). Even the Muslim countries don’t want them. They’re just programmed to hate Israel more than anything.


I think that fact adds considerable weight to my premise. It’s a concensus that they are bad actors.

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No question about that IMO. Politics and power come into play with using it to both let Israel deal with them, and use what Israel does to distract the mobs.


If Israel kicks them out and Muslims won’t take them, you do realize where these “bad actors” will wind up, right?

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I will go on the record and say that no, Palestinian culture is not worth saving.

They’ve been given every opportunity to civilize and live in peace with their neighbors. They have, as a whole, refused to do so numerous times.

I’m not condemning the entirety of the Palestinian people with that statement. But I do condemn their culture.

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In the ocean…? :grin:

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Let’s just say this - if certain cultures were to vanish overnight… I bet 99% of the world would breathe a sigh of relief , but a large percentage would do that in private while pretending to mourn in public :smirk:


I will say that in the case of Germany and Japan there were fully civilized political minorities in those countries. Once we got rid of the Fascists those political liberal minorities came out in force to change their popular cultures.

I don’t think Palestine has such a liberally minded underground waiting to come up and fix the society. Not anywhere to the same extent as Germany and Japan did anyway.


A completely correct assessment.


Couple of problems with your premise.

You are equating Hamas with all of Palestinian Society/Culture.

Sadly, we know from history, this is not true.

Interesting OP though.