Equality, Equity and Value Added-"Palestinians"

No tears. They’ll be better off.

Egypt isn’t welcoming them with open arms.

If they do, they’d better include a solution that keeps Israel from ever having to deal with them again.

Any amicable solution would be rejected by the Palestinians and their supporters. River to the sea.


I think another problem with the premise is, you claim it’s objective.

It’s not.

It’s subjective.

A palistinian would tell you OF COURSE their society and culture is worth saving…

Who decides who the blights are, and who the worthy societies are?

I don’t think the purpose of this thread is to re-hash the israeli/palistinian conflict, but these statements are off base.

Is relativism objective or subjective?

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Don’t read them. Ta-ta.

It’s subject to your position in space, so by definition subjective.

Without googling, tell us three good things the Palestinians offer the world as they are right now. Pipe missiles and decapitations don’t count.


Israel wants nothing to do with governing the Gaza Strip. Israel wouldn’t care who governs the so called “Palestinian” so long as the leave the Israelis the ■■■■ alone. Hell, Palis work and have businesses in Jerusalem! Can they coexist? Perhaps but when mooks like Hamas and Hezbulla ■■■■ rule, squander aid meant for the people and keep lobbing Iran provided munitions at Israel not to mention the ■■■■■■■ slaughter fest they carried out?
I hope the IDF greases every last mask wearing one of them. Perhaps then whoever takes charge in Gaza gets the message.

You could say the exact same thing about 100 different countries or cultures and heck, half of europe.

Should Iceland be wiped out because I don’t know a single Icelandic contribution to science without googling it?

Since we aren’t talking about time travel in interstellar space. Just how well will a societies subjective opinion of its value to continue perform in a critical evaluation of the pros and cons of its specific traits?

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They’ve done this before.

Nothing changes.



again, it’s subjective.

Who gets to rate the traits of the society? Who invents the scale? Who decides?

They’re good at taking welfare and other social benefits and services? Breeding like rabbits? Committing crimes?
Dunno, ask Denmark, they’re rethinking the “resettling” of Palies they did some years back.

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Thanks for proving my point. Their culture has made them useless and therefore a blight by your own lack of praise or slightest kudos. In fact, you have to divert.


And Iceland is ■■■■■■■ awesome. The headed can happily remain non-headless in their neighboring areas.


Is such an assessment too emotionally charged?

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No, seriously…if your standard for societal obliteration is ‘if TNT can’t praise their achievements then they can be wiped out’, then you’re gonna have to get some more bombs.

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The ones who still have their heads attached and want to keep it that way. And those that don’t ■■■■ goats.