What anti semitism also looks like

There has been a lot of discussion on the forum as of late about the anti semitic left with regards to supporting Palestinians and not condemning Hamas. There is no doubt that the left has an anti semitism problem.

That being said what the current war is also bringing out is the age old anti semitism from people who have been otherwise quiet on the subject. But it seems that true feelings about American Jews are slowly seeping out like sewage.

This is also what anti semitism looks like.


The reason why i am starting this thread is because there has been some discussion about how American jews act. American Jews are not Israelis. They do not owe anything to anyone who supports Israel. Jews have not been one people in two millennia.

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Elmo & Co. trying to stuff that toothpaste back into the tube.

This must be disappointing to the Jewish Republicans in Congress.

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absolutely, positively, 100% correct.

american citizens of any faith owe no allegiance to any other country.

some do much to my dismay.

just cant give up the old country.


I see you brought your twin paint roller to the conversation again.

I don’t know what this means.

That’s not exactly it.

Israel isn’t the old country for Jews unless they are Israeli Jews.

A simple broad brush just isn’t enough for some.

So Republican Jews in Congress aren’t upset about this?

That’s the punchline. Anti Semitism has its real home on the right wing. There aren’t any Jewish Republicans in Congress to get upset.

Jews are suddenly not also Caucasians?

Racist â– â– â– â–  heads. :rofl:


What is antisemitic about it?

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Israel is not just another country.

Ol’ Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens are letting their ideas about Jews be known, yikes. Tucker comes by it honestly, I feel like Candace fell in with the wrong crowd.

What an incredibly stupid post.

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Dialectical hatred against whites

The good old stab in the back.

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Pointing out those bigoted mental retards is easy - they always try to speak about an ethnicity/religion/people like it’s some kind of monolith to be 'splained.

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Lol. Why won’t Republicans elect Jews?

Your pattern of conduct here is to make broad brush inflammatory posts. You like to cast aspersions against broad groups, trying to cause disruption and bait a food fight. Take the hint and try to actually contribute something more than slinging things with a broad brush.


Jews are white

Making it seem like they are the other is stab in the back rhetoric

The slime just keeps oozing back up from the subfloor every year, huh? :rofl: