Affirmative Action, Value Added and High Value Traits

Affirmative Action has been US policy since 1961, when it was used in Kennedy’s EO 10925. Like so many policies, it started off with good intentions but soon grew to be a Frankenstein.

It started off in its box, government and government contractors. Quickly invaded the private sector, just like public accommodation laws.

And now it may finally be dying. See Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, 2023.

Affirmative Action, like so many government policies, weights an identity group for pretty much anything other than merit. It makes them high (or higher) value based on traits. Usually the wrong traits.

And in socialology as evidenced by social media, there is increasing discussion about traits among men and women. There is a marriage issue in this country (not a big deal to me) and a child rearing issue (big deal to me).

Most of all there is a morality issue. It permeates every aspect of this garbage society and is leading to the destruction of the US.

It ties in with this thread. And how we use the public funds as well.

So I thought it would be interesting to list some of the traits that we consider high value in males, females, groups, etc.

It might be helpful to identify what group you are and what group ypu are identifying traits for.

I’ll go first.

Male. Identifying high value females:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Respect

American, identifying for recipients of military aid:

  1. None that I can think of.

Male, identifying high value males for friends/family

  1. Loyalty
  2. Respect
  3. Competence

American, identifying for recipients of US aid.

  1. Real attempts at controlling their subculture.
  2. Respect for property rights of US investments.

Palestinians bring nothing positive to the table and therefore do not deserve affirmative action from the core.


It’s a worthless culture. Even other Arabs recognize that simple fact. It’s why they won’t take any of those savages in. They know better.

All I ask of people is to be civilized.

I also fundamentally believe that coddling people does more harm than good. We black people know all about the cultural damage that comes from that.

Everyone should be treated as an equal. No oppression. But no special treatment either. Expectations should be high. Assimilation encouraged. The liberal way is the correct way.

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Assimilation into what? :popcorn:

Into the general value system of the host country.

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Does the US have a general value system today?

What are its characteristics or traits?

It used to. The values of liberalism.

That’s been replaced in many circles.

With poisons such as generational revenge and covetousness.

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I couldn’t agree more.

What are some traits that make a woman high value to you?

Loyalty. Respect. Mental strength.

Basically I like women who don’t treat me as the enemy solely because I’m a man.


Loyalty and respect. There’s a lot to those.


You are talking about character traits, rather than physical traits. Weak minds, lazy minds and hateful minds think physical traits dictate character traits.


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5 or more-21%