Honest Brokers- Hamas

You’re really going try giving credit to Brandon Inc for something he had no part in?

Actually there is.

My parents immigrated here from Canada. During the process of naturalization I was born. My parents still being Canadian citizens made me Canadian, was born in the US making me American.

I have been citizen of both ever since, legally.

But No worries. I understand. You are bored and attempting to play tic-tac-toe.

Argument for the sake of argument. How desperate for attention can a person be?

Play elsewhere sad one.

No, there isn’t. When you are in Canada, you are a Canadian citizen.

When you are in the US, you are a US citizen.

Let either country institute a draft and set foot in that country and see what happens.

Do you vote in Canadian elections?

My son is a citizen of Colombia. My son is a citizen of the US. Colombia has obligatory military service.

Be careful of misunderstanding your situation, it can be dangerous.

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:rofl: You can’t get away with that in your own kitchen. You think it’s going to work on me?

I’d consider it a failure for all civilized people left on earth at that time. Hamas is absolutely garbage.

Not worth saving?

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I had this thread in mind when pondering my response.

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We just watched Elf this weekend. This thread reminded me of this:

Politics chat: White House negotiating the release of American hostages : NPR.

KHALID: Well, you know, Sarah, you mentioned at the outset here this hourslong delay yesterday. And at that point, it seemed really unclear whether this deal would even hold up. And I will say, the Biden administration was rather instrumental behind the scenes to shaping this negotiation and making sure that things went through. I mean, part of the issue from Hamas’ perspective is this is not solely about hostages. It is also about allowing more aid into Gaza to help the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who are prevented from leaving Gaza to have basic necessities like food.

And so yesterday morning, where things were being held up, President Biden spoke with the emir of Qatar and the Qatari prime minister about mechanisms to resolve the holdups. Qatar has been the main mediator with Hamas. And the White House says that senior Biden administration officials were in regular contact throughout the day yesterday with the Israelis, the Qataris and the Egyptians to figure out a way to get this deal back on track. And ultimately, it seems like it worked.

There’s your problem. You’re really going to try it. Amazing.

You are vastly overestimating the US influence in that region.



Well imagine that. The only American hostage released is related to a biden appointee.

The only American released so far by Hamas in their hostage exchange with Israel is related to a Biden administration appointee and prominent Democrat donor.

Abigail Edan, a 4-year-old with dual Israeli-American citizenship, was among 17 hostages released Sunday by Hamas. She’s related to Liz Hirsh Naftali, whom Biden appointed to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad last July.

Seems ‘bout right with the idiot brandon.

But Biden had nothing to do with freeing them though? Right?

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To the best of my knowledge only one American was freed.

I realize Israeli’s were freed. Other countries hostages were freed but thats other countries problem.

Specifically. What has brandon done?

That’s quite a stretch.

No argument from me on that. I do wonder if Hamas are removed entirely what will take their place? If Hamas leadership changes takes place and they renounce terrorism would that be sufficient for Israel?

Time will tell.

Booo…hiss…for a 4 year old being freed…

Only American


Because Israel is exchanging them for prisoners, not because of anything Biden pretends he is doing.