E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit Against Donald Trump

Faced a lot of juries there?

You have zero idea of what a Manhattan jury looks like.

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Exactly my point.

Check out this basic slang definition of sucker- “person who is easily deceived”…

Or you could check out the operational definition: “anyone who enrolled in Trump University.”


Or perhaps someone who thinks the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

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Of course, the 2 failed US banks under Biden are billions and billions more…

We were defining suckers. How do the two failed banks apply?

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And 15 US banks failed under Trump. So you point is?

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The Biden administration are the suckers for allowing their inept management teams to get away scot free. For example, why are the executives there not banned for life from working at other banks?

Biden elitists with deposits over the FDIC limits did not lose a dime…

So according to this article the Congress must allow the FDIC to enforce stricter policies when it comes to bank executives. And if so, Biden can not be blamed for what happened with these banks.

Why are you only making it about Biden? And of course the insurance part of the FDIC did it’s job.

GrandWazoo, too little, too late. Again, Biden’s affluent friends did not lose a dime in deposits…

All the richest depositor’s were saved beyond the $500,000 limit per bank the FDIC collects premiums on…

You do realize that the Dodd-Frank act put a limit in place so that any banks with more than $50B in asserts would be subject to additional oversight and rules. But that limit was raised to $250B by the 2018 Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, signed into law by President Donald Trump. There has been speculation that if the threshold was still at the lower level, Silicon Valley Bank might have avoided being shut down.

People have become such partisans that our jury system is in longer fair and balanced. Now it is no longer about facts and the law it is about whatever team you support winning.

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Incompetence and greed, notice not even the bonuses paid out last minute were NOT required to be returned either with SVB…and profits for insider stock option trades too…

Are you in favor of there being more regulations over the banking industry?

This made my evening

Sad, huh?