E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit Against Donald Trump

The oft-delayed lawsuit by E. Jean Carroll against Donald Trump for defaming her in response to her allegation that he raped her thirty years ago, will probably begin tomorrow in Manhattan. Lots of issues to debate here:

  1. Will it settle before the trial begins?
  2. Trump has claimed that his comments about Harris were privileged as part of his Presidential duties. Does that claim hold up?
  3. Will Trump attend? Would absenting himself be a smart move?
  4. Will Trump testify? Should he?
  5. Carroll’s suit has been partially funded by the a LinkedIn Founder. Should anything be done about the practice of people investing in law suits?
  6. How will the outcome affect our politics? Assuming it goes to the jury, either Carroll wins or Trump wins (I think a hung jury is also a Trump victory.

Love to hear what people are thinking. Have at it.

Faceless juries! Finally!

Next up, Faceless Judges.

A defamation suit won’t affect politics at all.


Orange Flu - The Obsession Continues :rofl:


Why do you believe the judge ruled for anonymity.

For fame. Click bait.

Orange Flu - The Obsession Continues

Are you suggesting we just ignore this event?

How does anonymity convey fame?

It’s a non-event.

You clicked.

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Why is it a non-event?

Nope, I’m highlighting the similarities between this nearly-homoerotic obsession with Trump and any other soulless spinoff. :rofl:


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I thought her name was e jean carroll??

She throuple up with doug and kamala??

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You are correct. I screwed that up. I just fixed it in main title. Thanks.

Depends on how much money Trump decides to offer with the conditions of confidentiality.

This is the part being abused by politiicans, claiming that everything they say is covered by “Executive Privilege” (or for Congressmen the “Speach and Debates” clause).

I call ■■■■■■■■ on such claims, those two claims should apply ONLY to office related speech/actions. They should NOT apply to:

  • Their personal lives,
  • Furtherance of civil claim,
  • Furtherance of a criminal activity,
  • Campaign activities

(IMHO of course)

Doubt it. His attendance would only add to negative media exposure.

IIRC, he can’t refuse. Civil cases are different than Criminal trials. Defendants in civil cases can be compelled to testify, however defendants in criminal cases cannot. That being said the defendant in a criminal case CAN invoke the 5th Amendment against self incrimination relating to criminal prosecution.

Which brings up an interesting question. Since the ability to invoke the 5th can be be nullified if there is not threat of criminal prosecution (for example granting immunity, or the Statute of Limitations expiring barring criminal prosecution), what happens if Trump is required to take the stand and attempts to invoke the 5th.

(BTW - In Civil cases the Jury CAN use invoking the 5th when weighing their decision.)


It won’t.

Sane people will continue to recognize the FDOTUS shortcomings.

Cultists will ignore it and just claim victimhood for their guy.


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Good points.

Let me offer counter views on two of them.

  1. I don’t think this case will settle. Certainly Trump has a history of settling cases he cannot get dismissed and using money to avoid admission of guilt. But my sense is that Carroll is more interested in making. a point than in money. This issue may not be how much money the defendant puts on the table, but the plaintiff’s interest in making. a deal

  2. I agree that the outcome will not change opinions among Trump’s supporters or haters. But for a Repulican Party that is struggling with women voters, a jury stating the 2024 Presidential front-runner mocked a woman whom he raped will pose a problem.

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It’s a defamation suit


The fact that he thinks that’s an option tells me all I need to know about the rest.


The reason the left goes after Trump is because they have no new solutions to offer the American people.

All the old leftist solutions have ended up with homeless and chaos in the cities. Heck, they are recycling rent control in Cal. That failed over and over. So, taking out people with real ideas is all the have.


What are the republicans offering?

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I’m not sure what you are trying to say.


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