Constructive Criticism to Improve

Is it just me, or should there be a better description of this thread,
If I were to start a new topic with a link to an article, tweet or anything else, I am expected to provide a description of the topic.
Simply saying “spin off from here”. And “I took the liberty”. Provides no context for the reason for this topic or the direction for discussion on the topic.
The lack of effort is duly noted and a representation of the state of affairs around here.

You’re absolutely correct. Wait one.

Thank you

How’s that?

Much better. Thank you for meeting expectations.

Thank you for bringing my not meeting the standard to my attention. Maybe I can return the favor some day.

Any constructive criticism for the future?

Feel free to return the favor. I welcome and accept it.

As for constructive criticism. I have a ton of constructive criticism. At the top of the list would be to promote discussion. Two word answers to questions do not promote discussion any more than a three word opening post.

Will do.

You asked me to bring to your attention time that you don’t meet the minimum standards. I am pointing this out to you. Apparently, you didn’t quite understand the direct and straight forward constructive criticism that you asked for.

As a mod for this forum, you are a representative to this forum. As such, you represent the tone of discussion that takes place on this forum. Your lack of ability to engage in and promote discussion for the benefit of the forum has a direct effect on the membership of this forum

Like you, many of us have been members on this site for many years. We can not forget that new members and visitor come here as well. I don’t know about you, but I would certainly like to add new members to this site in order to grow new discussion. As a mod, I would think that you and other mods here would view that as not just a goal but a responsibility.

I could be mistaken, maybe it isn’t the responsibility to set the tone and demeanor of this forum and to grow the participation of new members here. Maybe the current moderators and administrators here don’t want to add new members. If that is the case, then please continue on with your two word replies and ignoring the constructive criticism you requested.

In the meantime, page views decline, number of posts decline, number of members that post decline. I’d rather the tone and demeanor were different, but that’s not up to me. You however…


It is on you…me…all of us collectively.

Be the example is my philosophy.

As has been proven, many times. The moderators set the tone. They decide what is acceptable and not acceptable. They are the face of this place. Whether they know it or not.

Have I not done better since you provided your constructive criticism?

Not true at all. And look at the quality of the conversations!

Moved to let the other discussion stay on topic.

That’s what Fever Dreams it for, right? :wink:

No. He’s offering to help. Your post on the other hand…

OUCH! :persevere:

You’re lack of respect for the community is again noted. My points aren’t personal, my points are made to improve this place.

I accepted your criticism and committed to improving! Look at my posts from today.

The participation here has fallen off over the last 6 months. If you have numbers to dispute that, feel free to provide them. I can tell you that my posts during that period are probably less than one tenth of what they used to be. I know others that have moved on to other forums. Others that have limited their participation drastically.

I come back here and check on this place and it’s the same people that have posted forever. There isn’t any growth here. It’s the same people for years. New members are scarce and that’s not a new thing, they have been scarce for years because this place is so overrun with the people that have posted here for years.

As moderators, I believe it is a responsibility to not only police the discussion here but you need to find a way to grow the community. If you don’t, this place will stay the same as it has been for 10 years. Sooner or later it will whither away.

Doesn’t anyone else wonder why a forum, under the name of a personality that has a following of tens of millions of people only has a membership in the hundreds? There are a few dozen people that post 80% of the posts on this site.

Take a look at the number of posts you have for a one week period. What percentage of total posts on this site is that?

Again, this isnt meant as a personal attack. You asked for some constructive criticism. I’ve offered you my view on the status of this place.