CNN Panel says NO to Biden, Sanders and Hillary

This is adorable…its interesting reading how you are to pin it on me that the cnn panal said they wanted those three to stay away from running…that had the panel not had mentioned hillary you never would have made this thread…

Biden surprises me. I thought he was pretty well connected with the younger crowd.

Are Mark Cuban and Michael Bloomburg still viable prospects?

Cuban could do some damage. Bloomburg will collapse under his gun grabbing propensity.


Hillary still living rent free.

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The time of the old white male has passed.

Bloomburg has taken himself out of it.
I haven’t seen Cuban mentioned in months.

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Nobody has created more threads on her running

Hillary teasing a run

Hillary will run again- Former senior advisor

Hillary- “I’d like to be president”

Here’s Why Hillary Is Running Again in 2020


Sanders too?

Perhaps it has. I bought into the concept of the cultural goal being a classless and ethnic neutral perspective with ideas and talent founding our worth and self motivation.

Wow was I duped.

Do we even pretend to have a cultural racial health goal? When will we be cured?

I am asymptomatic for now.

I was worried about Cuban, but he has shied away from the spotlight after the metoo’s named him for some questionable acts. Must be nice to be perfect.

Hes gonna ignore it now…lol…

Oh well…it was fun…

Yes I thought she would run.
I also know she took herself out of it a week or so ago.
This thread had nothing to do with her running. The panel said they wanted her to stay quiet and not do any campaigning.

Poor old guy does not look good now.

After 20 more months of screaming he may be bedridden.

And we kept telling you that she was done and Democrats didn’t want her involved but you wouldn’t listen

Not yet. There’s one in the White House now, and he’ll be the figurehead of the GOP again in 2020.

In the heads of the CNN dem panel?

I listened and disagreed.
I also don’t think Biden will run. I’ve posted that several times. We’ll see if I am right.

Context: dems


That will happen when one is obsessed about something

Well you are 0-1 in predictions of candidates running so far in the upcoming cycle. Might as well go for broke.

Hilarious coming from the party that elected the Celebrity Apprentice.

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