Hillary will run again- Former senior advisor

I keep telling you the Hideous Hag ain’t done.
Here Mark Penn, pollster and former senior adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton, says she WILL run in 2020.
This time she will ditch her centrist fakery and run as a wild eyed #MeToo, Universal Health Care and gun control leftist.


She might run but she will never get the nomination… For all the talk of TDS on here, there are clear signs of HDS everywhere…

Haha she ain’t going to do that. Or maybe she will. Either way I’m not voting for her and I doubt she would win the nom

In a world where Trump is President … anything can happen.

I do doubt that she will get the nomination though.


She might get it. She’ll be massively funded with 10x the name recognition of any of her opponents.
I don’t think she can be elected, but I may be wrong.

Oh goodness, I certainly hope so.

Sherrod Brown will be the nominee. The other big names have too much baggage or negatives. Brown is very liberal on many issues but he’s also very pro little guy and thus will be able to tap into the working class white vote that Hilary was unable too.

Yes… it is in the realm of possibility.

I don’t think that it will happen though.

The Democratic voter base that has been built up over the past two years is more interested in having their own generation represent them than Boomers.

That is why I don’t think that she would get it.

There are two Boomers I could see getting the nod. Biden and Bernie… but I also think that Bernie is a long shot.

The only people who think she could get it are probably her and conservatives

She wont be able to play the woman card this time around with warren and harris

Your saying WSJ has HDS?

I think he’s saying that anybody who mentions Hillary has HDS. That seems to be the current lib talking point.

She is a bad rash that won’t go away

I would not take Mark Penn’s word for anything.

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The political equivalent to herpes.

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Wow, and I thought that I had made some stupid decisions . . . nothing compared to Hillary deciding to run again. If this is true, of course.

I’lll lay you 10:1 against her getting the nomination for pretty much any amount you’d care to wager.

Damn, she lives in the minds of republicans. She owns them.

nah, she won’t run.

i do still think it’s funny that’s she’s a thousand times more honest than Donald Trump.

Hilary please go away… write another book… give more speeches… anything but run again.