Hillary teasing a run

Here’s an article saying it looks like Hillary will run again.

It notes a video she sent yesterday to the 2019 MAKERS Conference.
It also notes that every time a female announced their presidential campaign, Clinton took to social media to remind the women — which she claimed to care about empowering — that she’s already been there and done that.


For sakes of Republican fantasy, she is not running. Focus on calling AOC an idiot.

Not following you. AOC is an idiot whether Hillary runs or not.

Republicans think AOC is an idiot because she’s a woman, is young, smart, pretty, and doesn’t follow group think ideas. She proposes her ideas that align with the constituents who voted her in.

Read your linked article again, OP, and notice how it’s written like a sixth grade vengeful diary entry, and not an actual journalist report.

So you’re saying you’re perfectly capable of multi-obssessing over boogeypersons.


Hillary still owns brain space in some Republicans. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so…

Oh never mind.

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The thread’s about Hillary not AOC. Clear your mind and try to focus.
Not being able to is an early sign of dementia.

She’s not running. But it is amusing that you have made two other threads about it since July. You must really be interested in the topic.

1st reply was me. Hillary is not going to run.

Republican fantasy is over.

Lol - I’ve said this time and time again, but here it goes anyway. Even if Hillary does run, after her giving us Donald Trump for 4 years - I can pretty much guarantee that the Democratic Party will “Bernie Sanders” her.

She keeps possibly dreaming that “Third Times A Charm”?

I wouldn’t mind watching Hillary lose for a third time.
I’m sure that Trump wouldn’t mind winning against her again! lol.

I’m just excited Pocahontas is running!

CEC loves to trot these opinion pieces out every 4 weeks, it seems. And continues to send a thrill up the collective leg of Trump Nation:

“Oh golly gee willikers, Hillary is running again (maybe)! We’re in bunches now!!!”

FYI, from your link, Hillary was talking about Pelosi when she said this:
“it often takes a woman to get the job done.”


Pocahontas died in the 1600s.

Sorry- aka chief Elizabeth Warren.

“The American Mirror”. Sounds bulletproof.

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She’s a Senator, not a Chief.

Here is how far I made it in that piece of ■■■■ article, and I don’t even like Hillary;

More than at any other point in my life, women are coming together to tackle big problems and rewrite old rules,” Clinton said, cracking a villainous smile.

Really? What a jerk.