Hillary- "I'd like to be president"

She then said she’ll decide after the Midterm elections.

She’ll run. I’ve been saying that since the night she lost in 2016.
She’ll be running until she’s dead. She’s pathological.



“No,” she said.

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Read on. The initial “No” was her mandatory lie.

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That’s right she said her mind isn’t made up until after the midterms.

That’s the closest she would let herself come to telling the truth.
Her mind was made up in Nov of 2016.


She wont win…nothing burger

I don’t think she can win the nomination. I know she will try.


Nope, will not run.

Sorry I would be willing to bet on that.

Most dems have moved onto Harris, Booker, Biden.

Anybody but Clinton.

She couldn’t beat trump and he had tons of unfavorables against him.


I would imagine the establishment would “Bernie Sanders” her even if she did decide to run

The establishment is Tom Perez - head of the DNC. He’s Hillary’s puppet.


I doubt it

Would you vote for her in the primaries? In the general election against Trump?

Against trump? Yes…primiaries no…she is a horrible candidate but I’d prefer to stop the conservative justices and judges

Hillary running in 2020 = Republican porn

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I guess trying to instill fear is the only thing the Trumpists have left.

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we ll see clintons in politics for next 50 years.

hillary will at least explore running and if theres a ghost of a chance of winning she will run. she really hates losing and with her massive narcissistic queen complex she’ll die trying.

then chelsea will emerge. you can bet on that.

then, her kids

possibly theirs.

hillary believes she must live out her life and die being catered and tended to. queen complex

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I bet many Democrats would have to bite hard on their tongue not to tell her to buzz off.

it would be interesting but one thing is for sure - dems dont mind recycling their losers if they have media adoration which she does. i bet jimmy kimmel is crying about it right now

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As a country, we shouldn’t replace ■■■■ with more ■■■■■ That’s what we’d be doing by running those two again.

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It really is funny watching people get worked up about a candidate who couldn’t even win against Trump. She literally lost to the only major party candidate in my lifetime that should have been unwinnable. For anyone to think she has any conceivable path to political relevancy again is ludicrous.

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