Hillary- "I'd like to be president"

Trumpists salivate at the prospect. They can’t seem to find a substitute boogeyman of equal stature.

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She needs to get out of politics

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Last I checked she was still running second behind Biden. Better hope he runs.

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Time for our host to dust off the “Stop Hillary express” promos.

Lock her up? Blow her up? What’s next with this obssssion?

She would have been vastly superior than the trainwreck of the Trump administration, but she shouldn’t run again. The Democrats need new leaders who can inspire a younger generation of voters.

Good luck, all of your parties front runners are older than dirt.

She’d like to be POTUS, I’d like for her to be swallowed up by a black hole. We are both gonna be disappointed.

Welcome…to the rrrrreevolution!

I loved those promos. They went on for months.

The leadership of both parties is very old, white, and male.

Since she came out as a fascist, I hope the dem that direction… She’s very dangerous.

Buzz off, hillary.

You had your chance.

You blew it.


Harris the Democratic front runner is 54 and female.


Donald was the oldest candidate to win the office, and it doesn’t stop you from supporting him.

oh btw for the three people left idiotic enough to still support Hillary here she is making the kind of blatantly racist joke idiot racist lefties pretend to be offended by for political reasons only ( as though it were’t obvious ):

she had such a “good ground game” though. what happened?

…and angry, hateful, and manifestly socialist…

this should be her slogan:


Horrifying! I wonder if CNN ran that racist remark.

Where did Trump check in in 2014?