Hillary- "I'd like to be president"

haha. yeah just like they ran how she felt she was qualified to be president because shes a woman.

“shhh. stick to the agenda. “

lol idiots


You guys really just don’t get it, do you?

no. we thinking ( wo ) men dont get why she has such a queen complex, other than having a need to live a pampered lifestyle like shes american royalty, or how it’s fair that she can be so racist and sexist and blatantly pull identity politics with no repurcussions

That’s not what I was referring to.

You guys honestly don’t understand why people get offended.

oh we do. trust me

interesting you people dont get offended at the same ■■■■ when coming from your lefty lords.


No, you clearly don’t.

That’s why none of your whataboutisms work.

mmkay well you got that off your chest

No, that’s the issue. Its not the “same ■■■■■■ You just don’t see the difference- because you honestly don’t understand the offense.

oohh goody now you go into my head and tell me what is offensive to me or not. gee thanks! dont stop - do this for everyone!

hurry only 9 days left

I have no idea what is offensive to you, nor do I understand what you’re trying to say here.

um, you just imformed me that i dont understand what is offensive or not. that i don’t see the difference between what is offensive of not. that i don’t understand the offense

spin away…

You’re misunderstanding what I’m saying.

I’m not saying that you don’t understand what is offensive or not - that’s entirely subjective. People either get offended, or they don’t.

What I’m saying is that you don’t understand why other people are offended, particularly when it’s about race.

then you are being misleading. maybe not on purpose

what we know to be offensive is based on what we hear is offensive esp from the righteous left.

too bad they are raging hypocrites. but enough about undefinable generalities.

if Hillary’s comments aren’t racist, declaring that people “ look alike” then please offer an explanation as to how this is different from someone (on the non-left) declaring people of similar ethnic minority “look alike. “

because that’s stratospheric level racist if im not mistaken.

or is it?

maybe you’re right that i dont understand what offends people. if that’s doesnt though, then nothing else should. finally real “progress”

This is what you guys don’t understand.

Whether or not I find a statement offensive isn’t based on the presence of magic “racist” words. Context and intent - what the person intended to say - is what matters.

What do you think Clinton’s intention was, with that joke? Who was the butt of the joke - the target being mocked?

Clearly, the target of the mockery was the host who confused the two - She wasn’t making fun of either Holder or Booker, or black people in general - she was mocking the reporter for exhibiting a literal cliche.

doesnt fly. sorry. and you know it

if someone not a lefty media coddled darling said this even to mock the reporter or whatever it would be outrage hell on earth.

tell me you believe otherwise and we’ll know you willfully deny this double standard

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You simply declaring victory (“if you disagree, then you must be evil”) isn’t going to fly.

I have no use for “if the tables were turned, this would happened…” arguments. They’re unfalsifiable by definition.

How about instead you provide me with an example of some statement or comment that “the libs” all found offensive, and then we can discuss a real situation, rather than an imaginary one.

I would like to add that I’m talking from an individual perspective, not trying to speak for “libs” as a whole. You should not assume that I am claiming that all liberals are perfect logical souls, or somehow “better” than you are.

what i already provided (ie, what was said by Hillary) is what we all know in reality would be outrage hell on earth if said by someone on the non-left

i didn’t say you are “evil” by denying it

just openly and outwardly obviously disingenuous and/or hypocritical

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No, you’re not understanding what I’m saying. Your hypothetical of what would have happened in some alternate universe where the sides were flipped isn’t a real thing.

I’m asking you to show me an example of a comment by a right-winger (that you believe was not intended to be offensive) that “liberals” got outraged over.

This argument can be accurately summarized thusly:

I imagined this thing, and if you don’t agree with my imagination, you’re either stupid or dishonest.