Here's Why Hillary Is Running Again in 2020

There are several opinion pieces appearing the last day or so about Hillary running for president in 2020. I think the one I posted is the best reasoned one.

I’ve been saying that since Nov. 9, 2016. She’ll keep running until she’s dead- she’s one of those kind of people. She can’t give it up.

I think this is a lot of wishful thinking on the part of Trump supporters.

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Hey, they can still chant “Lock her up, lock her up!”

Question is, will “build the wall” be a 2020 slogan?

The only people saying this are the people who spend most of every day still obsessing with her… almost 2 years later…

So they can spend the next two years doing the same against their boogeyman; looking in the mirror with Trump around is too painfull

You gotta have a boogeyman in the CEC, and they are stuck on her.

Idiot film maker Joel Gilbert wrote a 6th grade book report on why he feels like pretty much probably Clinton will run for president again.

She won’t.

Time for conservatives to move on. The rest of the world has.

Please, from your fingers to her mouth.

If she would just come out and say “I’m done, I’m not running again period” it would help curb people thinking she might just try it.

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With Hillary, a statement like that would mean she is running.

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The left’s woman of their dreams is rapidly becoming the psycho hag of their nightmares.

If she isn’t in jail by 2020, when the demorepublican establishment can no longer protect her, she’d make a wonderful candidate, for us.

She helps electrify Trump rallies, that "lock ‘er up’ chant music to our ears!

IF she runs in 2020 (and she won’t) she’ll be soundly defeated in the primaries. Democrats have moved on from the candidate who couldn’t beat a piece of garbage like Trump.

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Thanks for admittingnthat no matter what she said, Trump supporters would be obssessed with her running again anyway.

“She helps electrify Trump rallies, that "lock ‘er up’ chant music to our ears!“

Simple creatures need simple pleasures. But yes, this is the only reason the right keeps writing this fan fiction.

There are several points in her favor.

  1. She’ll have an unlimited war chest. There is over a billion dollars sitting in the Clinton Foundation she can use, not to mention what she has in her super PAC.

  2. She still owns the DNC. Chairman Tony Perez is her man.

  3. The 2020 Dem primaries will probably be a heard of buffaloes, with 15 or 16 candidates.
    She’ll stand apart from them in name recognition and money.

Don’t underestimate her ability to get the nomination.

Nah, just don’t underestimate the right insatiable need for a boogeyman to attack.

Does this thread sound like an attack? I think you’re stuck on a talking point that doesn’t fit.

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This is nothing but Republican porn. I mean if I was a Trumpanzee I’d be wishing she would be the Democratic nominee too, but wishes are just that.

Try reading my other posts in YOUR thread, the right needs this fan fiction to be repeated so Hillary can remain their boogeyman, fueling the daily CEC grind of attacks.

Try listening to the hosts show for 15 minutes at any point.


Booker would be very interesting.

Fireman vertarans for truth.

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