Barr pressured Murdoch?

Sorry I just thought the consistency would last.lknger than it did

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Where do you see inconsistency @sikofit?

I already told you. What is being allowed and not allowed is not consistent and appears based on idealogy. Its okay though I know where I am, I just wish someone would finally acknowledge that there are 2 sets of rules

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It’s kind of like the Funny Picture Thread where the same people who constantly post Biden memes get triggered when Trump memes are posted

“And appears…”

I understand why you feel it “appears”, you are wrong.

Case in point

Trump’s Sister Speaks

What forum is it in?

356 posts. What forum is it in?

What forum is it in?

There are not two sets of rules.

Good example of the trolling I’m talking about from yesterday.

16 posts, pretty much in a row including you, demanding “LINK!”. Pure trolling. Had it happened in @tnt thread, they all end up in Fever Dreams for trying to troll into oblivion.

There is NO requirement for a link in an OP. There are some minimal requirements if you use a link in an OP.

So where’s the 2 sets of rules? Are there conservative posts in the Slop thread?

What posts have been moved or removed from that thread? Name one.

I sent one PM to one person to edit for one meme because the meme violated a rule. They did. There is a meme in that thread that I personally find offensive as hell, it’s still there.

What triggers somebody has nothing to do with moderation or the topic at hand.

No, nothing was deleted. The double standard was still apparent

Exactly how @sikofit ?

Those last two you just posted in the meme thread; religion and family. Were there warnings issued about both? Yes. Are they still there? Yes.

Who is getting the benefit of the doubt? You. If there are 2 sets of rules, you are obviously in the better set. And here you are accusing.

Why did you change the topic of our conversation to the meme thread? We, as a group, decided to allow some leeway in there. One thread. To everybody. Not just him or her. And you personally are a beneficiary of that decision. Yet you accuse.

There is one set of rules for everybody. All the “clever” little back-handed innuendo to the contrary in the world doesn’t change that.

If you have a problem with the application of those rules, you have two avenues with which to address it; here or PM. Like adults. I’ll stay in here all day long if that’s what it takes.

What I have zero tolerance for is mealey-mouthed accusations regarding the integrity of the staff slung out in discussion threads to prove how “clever” we are.

Make it appear to me so I can fix it. How is a double standard apparent if nothing has been moved or deleted?

After November, there won’t be a lot of Kid Sniffer memes, but there will still be daily TDS memes.

Trending vs hateful repetition.

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right… it’s 2020 and there are still Hillary memes.

a good meme is still a good meme.

@sikofit see what you did here? Now our conversation is about memes.

All because of your mythical double standard and moving goalposts to try to… what?

mythical! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Show it. Show me the double standard @sikofit .

Let’s see your Bigfoot pictures.

You wanted my attention, you have it.

@sikofit are we done?

Yeah we’re done. The “mythical” statement was all I needed to know that the 2nd set of rules will continue. At least I know where I stand. Thanks

Now we’re not done. You have shown zero evidence of any 2nd set of rules. Hence it is a myth.

You keep making the accusation, but won’t back it up. If you’re going to accuse me, show the evidence.

Yeah I’m done with what is obviously a futile effort. Have a good day

So no evidence at all? You made the accusation, substantiate it.