Barr pressured Murdoch?

If this is true, how is this guy on our payroll?

Obama admin officials never talked to the press to give their side of things? Probably should have thought back to all the complaints about the Obama admin yelling at reporters before going down this road.

Giving your side =/= pressuring to take people off the air.


Lol, Obama tried to silence the entire network by not giving them access, forget that already? Along with tapping reporters phones, the AP’s phones and of course, criminally charging them.

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1 - That’s not sending your AG to tell an exec to bench a reporter you don’t like.

2 - Congrats - you support a guy who you think is just as bad as obama.

Haven’t you figured out the choice is always the lesser of two evils yet?

simple question - do you think it’s appropriate for teh AG to run political errands for the president?

Seriously, you lived through eight years of an Obama Presidency and never saw anyone in his administration defending him in the press?

Let me know when you find an example of an AG running political errands for the POTUS.

The job of the AG is to stand outside of politics. There is no equivalency to the AG doing political biddings and others in teh admin defending him in the press.

You are allowed to criticize your lesser evil. Even if you vote for him.

I notice you rarely do that.

Sure, love an easily accomplished task in the mornin’.

Let the goal posts prepare to be moved.

Then you aren’t paying attention, just criticized him a day or two ago for calling for the Goodyear boycott.

Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton little meeting? I don’t recall any uproar whatsoever by the left over that.

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Look, here is the deal, something drastically changed fairly recently. Presidents no longer need the press to get their narrative across. Started with Obama. The power dynamic has shifted, now its the press who need the President. Because starting with Obama, the White House in essence runs its own news organization. Because they have the ability to have what they put out read widely, without the need of the media. All of that gives them the leverage to only talk to the press they know are sympathetic to them.

One post in and immediate deflection? What do you think of the linked article?

You are off-topic. The subject is Barr, @SneakySFDude says whataoutism is no longer allowed


I think it’s an unnamed source in the book of some guy trying to cash in on Trump hate.

Well, if we can no longer contrast and compare, I guess my time here is drawing to a close. After all, what is the very essence of politics if not doing just that and choosing the better option?

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It was explained in a Biden/women thread last week that whataboutisms weren’t allowed and would be deleted from the thread. They were direct comparisons as well

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