Barr Pressured Murdoch? 2

If this is true, how is this guy on our payroll?

Never mind @tnt it worked.

Now, discuss away.

What just happened?

…and yet…Trump is attacking Fox? Did the pressure not work? I’m sooooooo confused. :sunglasses:

If it’s unfavorable to Trump, it’s false. Case closed.

I put your OP back.

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Barr is on the payroll because he was nominated by the President and unanimously confirmed by the Senate.

Is there some statute I am unaware of that prohibits the AG from discussing this topic with the private sector?

Right now, this is an unsubstantiated allegation as far as I can tell. I’m sure the AG will address it in due time.

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IMO we pay the AG to fairly administer the law, not get TV personalities critical of the POTUS sidelined.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

I don’t disagree. Was Napoleano sidelined?

There is a long history of AGs “getting involved”. They are appointees.

In the article it indicates he lost his daytime slot and some hosts won’t have him on unless it’s to discuss non-trump topics because he angered too many people.

Do you have an example of an AG running these kinds of political errands? This stuff is really for the Chief of Staff, not the AG.

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Viewers or Bill Barr?

Sure. Loretta Lynch, Bobby Kennedy just off the top of my head. I’m sure they’ve all done it.

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What did lynch or kennedy do that was remotely similar to this?

Got involved in the politics in support of the administration.

A better question for Kennedy would be what wasn’t he involved in?


Do you have an example?


Please list.

How about posting 1 or 2?

Encouraging assassination attempts on Castro.


That isn’t even remotely similar as pressuring a US media conglomerate. Surely you got better than that.