WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! - Ninja Coronavirus in Time for Midterms

Here we go again and just in time to scare everyone into another pandemic shutdown that will enable mail in voter-fraud in the coming midterm elections. The pandemic isn’t over we are told as once again is it predicted this new varient called “Ninja” will be the worst yet. Luckily, it is reported that the pharmaceutical companies will soon have new-improved vaccines available to protect us. Don’t throw away those masks.

They are crying “WOLF” one too many times.

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A few thoughts on this. Yes, the pandemic isn’t over. No, there won’t be any more shutdowns. And this isn’t crying wolf, people have to be actually listening. And most Americans are over it and stopped listening a long time ago.

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For the bureaucrats’ sake, I hope they don’t try.

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They won’t. It’s a non starter and a political liability.

I think it would be much worse than a “politically liability”.


You are correct and that is the point of the story, ‘The Boy That Cried Wolf.” When the wolf did appear, no one would believe him. The same can happen here as this virus scare has been used and misused to a point that people are apathetic.


Guess that answers that. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


…oooooooops…there it is.

Vaccines and boosters are still the best defense.

^^^^^^^ this message was brought to you by Pfizer ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


They can also use this to finish the purge of military personnel that won’t go along with being a guinea pig.


So are we pretending most of you all didn’t claim that it was fake and would just go away if Biden won?

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Or if we’re ignoring that, what prediction have any of y’all made in the last two and a half year about COVID that was actually correct?

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Ummm, no. You’re conflating “fake” with acceptable risk. Don’t do that, and you’ll learn more.


The prediction that this would become an epidemic and that EVERYONE would catch Covid?

Yeah, that one’s playing out pretty much how we guessed it.


For reference. March 2020

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@TommyLucchese you still talking that ■■■■■■■■ ? Where’d you go?

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Hate to tell you but it IS spreading again. Several people at my moms old church have tested positive. That said, not gonna be any lockdowns, etc.

We were told that the Coronavirus originated from bat soup in the ‘Wet Markets” in Wuhan. We were told that it did not come from a bio-lab. We were told that Fauci was not involved in the gain-of-function (weaponization). We were told that no taxpayer money was involved in the development. We were told that the shutdown would be just two weeks to flatten the curve. We were told that the vaccines were safe and effective.

All of this, every bit of it was a lie.


Not to mention ignoring natural immunity. As for it coming from a lab.

No…we are fake claiming that Pfizer has a 95% efficacy.

I can’t disagree with that as I doubt many people would go along with a full shutdown like the last one. However, that won’t stop Democrats from using this to insist that voting in person is too dangerous to our health which necessitates mail in voting. That’s all they really want.