Trumps administration pandemic response

We don’t know what ended it. I believe researchers have dismissed the idea that it was contained, it may have mutated to a less lethal form or the population may have developed enough immunity after the first wave.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, I hope we contain it. We don’t do a very good job of containing the flu, even with yearly vaccines. And this is more contagious with no vaccine in place for a while to come.

As I’ve said before, we’re lucky this wasn’t a bad one because failures across the globe are very apparant.

what happened? I hope your and your families health is well.

COVID-19 does seem to be more contagious than the common flu.

If we don’t work diligently - and possibly even if we do - we will see blooms of COVID 19 similar is scale to the other countries experiencing it. We are a very mobile country and it’s going to be very difficult to stop this from happening. Telling everyone to wash their hands probably won’t be enough.

By the time they track down the first carrier and test them, several days pass, and there are 2-3 more…

I’m not sure why you are trying to downplay the obvious serious likelihood that we are on the left hand foothills of a climbing graph of cases.

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Man, this thing incubated in China for two to three months with their government misreporting the data to avoid panic. It started in a city of 11 million people. 90k people have been diagnosed, a number which I think and has been speculated by more than me as a woeful underestimate. During that time, people traveled in and out of that region unaware of any quarantine, because there was none, until January 23. So you have unrestricted travel in and out of Wuhan for a month after the first case was discovered (December 31). The US may have imposed restrictions on travel, but the rest of the world was slow on the uptake as cases broke out…we’ll virtually everywhere.

It is my contention that this thing has been a pandemic for at least two weeks, possibly longer, in that it has traveled the globe unrealized by government officials until clusters start breaking out. Cases of unknown origin is proof of this line of thought. Attempts at quarantine at this point, hell even two weeks ago, is like a dog chasing it’s tail. With the transmission of the virus being possible if asymptomatic, and some not even becoming ill but still carriers, makes it near impossible to quarantine or even track.

This thing is in your back yard. You don’t know it yet, but it just is. This isn’t a call to panic. It’s just reality. Some will get sick, some will die. The effort at this point should definitely be to continue good hygiene, prevent others from being sick. But have no doubt, this virus is going to run through each and every one of us like a bowl of Wendy’s chili. It’s only a question of how long we can stave it off and treat at risk people with a vaccine once developed.


So only 10% of us have sick time benefits? Come on… That seems like a very low number of people who have sick time.

Come on GWH…they said that about SARS and in the US there were fewer than 250 documented cases.

My family is/should be alright, the person that died was one of my nieces patients at Evergreen.

CDC is there and taking all necessary precautions. She been well trained on these matters so is her family.

As my brother said, over 300 million people in this country and 1 person died happens to be her patient.

So yeah…it’s little freaky. Hopefully this virus will be contained until a vaccine is developed…which may not happen until 2021.

You can if you shoot them on sight if they break they break the quarantine.

I just don’t see how any containment is possible. They’re chasing it. Again, this isn’t panic, just being realistic.


Yeah, what it does is it limited interaction with family members that have came into contact with it. Kids can’t play with their cousins, or with other kids out of fear of those kids giving it to parents and grand parents.

It’s more of hassle until they can come up with vaccine.

Those darned libs.

Because we lead healthier lives, lifestyles, we have stronger immune systems, and Hubei Province is one of the most polluted places on earth.

When you have untraceable cases popping up across the country with a disease that has a long and infectious incubation period…

You just can’t “stop it”.

That’s right- it’s the long incubation period that makes this virus dangerous. . Even if people are screened at airports, they might still be infected and not get sick until days later.

It’s not locked in China anymore, I doubt it ever really was. I think the best we can hope for is that the mortality rate goes down as it becomes more widespread, and the region it originated is indeed full of one of the poorest health peoples in the world. Two weeks gestation while being transmissible is a long time for people to associate and spread the virus. That’s why there are cases of unknown origin popping up. Wendy’s chili.

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The Italian mortality rate is keeping pace unfortunately. A bit over 1000 cases, 29 dead.

That’s based on known cases. I’m not saying it’s an incorrect stat, but some will get this and think it’s a cold, eat some chicken soup, and rock on.

It’s possible, but the rate seems to be holding up elsewhere as well. Think S.Korea was the only odd one out.