Trumps administration pandemic response

according to foreign policy magazine (2/10/20) trump wants to cut 1/2 the us finds of teh world health organization

his latest budget proposal has a 19% cut in funds for the CDC

he’s upset with the ways som epoeple in his administration are handling the virus

in 2018 he fired the entire pandemic response chain of command

his acting head of the homeland security (in office 4 months with no permanent replacement) gave a congressional briefing today where it was obvious he was clueless on basic details
when questioned by LA repulican senator kennedy he didnt know how many cases were in the US
he had no idea how many cases teh CDC was expecting
when asked how the virus is trasmited all he kept saying was human to human.
when asked what the mortality rate of coronavirus was he kept saying it was comparable to the flu.

We’re saved! Good thing we have an adult in charge during this crisis. Oh wait.


This seems bad.


Who is paying the most for the W.H.O? We already have the CDC that is probably the best research organization in the world. Is every country funding there share of the W.H.O?


When you rid the government of anyone and everyone who has not pledged full fealty to the Master, and replace them with a bunch of “acting” Secretaries because your actual nominees would never get through Senate confirmation when you have full control of the Senate, then this is what you get. People will die because of this incompetence and brain drain. Let us each pray it’s not as bad as it could be.

This is when the Idiocracy becomes actually dangerous to our very lives. Hope sticking it to the libs is worth it!


I heard it’s really just a cold and all the news about it is just to bring Trump down.


Cheer up! You will have a chance to select one of your nit wits in November. :clown_face:

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When a worrying about a global pandemic the first thing that I think of is if we are paying too much.


I think it’s more like other countries stepping up to the plate.

Why is that a problem?

oh ya also the WH flew people sick with the virus back to the U.S on a commercial flight.

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Cutting funding on our end is rather silly.

the point of the WHO funding is to stop virus before they enter America.

even more so when America has step up the WHO as a organization to stop virus from spreading to you know America.

Yep. And cutting funding to the CDC is rather shortsighted also.


could be worse you could be Iran and straight up pretending this virus doesn’t exist, as the number of infected pushes 1,000.

Why would they focus on America? We’re pretty good at this stuff as it is.

WHO is forced on stopping the spread of diseases, why would that be important to America…
Its not like hundreds of thousands of people fly in and out of America every day, millions of produce from Latin America is shipped into the country every day.

why would it be important to make sure that system isn’t comprised by you know a deadly virus.


You mean like the trained professional who gave Congress a briefing today and couldn’t tell then the number of confirmed cases.

My government update us publicly every time their is a new confirmed case, does your?

This thread turned looney tunes in record time.

Yes. Like him. We’re doing fine. Better than Europe, Asia and the middle east. Worry when there is reason to worry. So far I’ve not seen a reason. But you are free to worry if you so choose.