Ilegal immigrant crime surging

So your vote is for open borders?

yep. Do it the legal way or get out and NEVER COME BACK!


Nope. It’s a resource issue. I just don’t care for the appeal to emotion with the fundamental attribution error as to their character.

So I guess calling everyone a pedophile isn’t working out like they hoped? Is the Islamic-Mexican caravan that only shows up right before the midterms back too? Right before the midterms? Lol

What a stupid post.

Will it be ahead of or behind the next viral wave?

Looks like this guy was here illegally:

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I saw this no wonder the media kept it quit. They would rather you think it was a made up story by Biden then admit it was an illegal.

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This story will vanish from the media within a day. The Democratic Party won’t risk another battlefront.


We have a system for legal immigration…we have laws.

The laws are largely going un enforced…the system largely forgotten.

Throwing the doors to a once mostly secure border wide open and letting millions of people just walk in is a stupid way to run a country.

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Biden and the lunatic left need to wear this story. They tried to tell a tenth of the story and turn it into an anti Supreme Court abortion ruling rant and the only reason a 9 year old was raped was because of a piece of trash illegal. She didn’t have to leave her home state…the whole thing was a big lib story taking advantage of the hell a 9 year old was going thru for politics.



a lot of assumption here. the guy is a piece of ■■■■ that raped a child. there is actually nothing but speculation indicating the child he raped got pregnant or needed an abortion. it appears the media may be playing pin the tail on the donkey here, connecting one likely false story with one true story.

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It appears you’re all in on your Jim Jordan move.

The investigating detective has testified in court that the child travelled to Indianapolis to have the abortion. In addition, they are using DNA from the facility to test against the rapist and the victims siblings. Lastly, the IN State AG is now looking for angles to try and charge the medical provider.

But sure, tell yourself it didn’t happen. Claim to be pro-life, “protect the kids”, and then we get this line of ■■■■ from your side of the aisle.

Some people are just ■■■■■■■ sick…

This, I don’t understand.

What was done in Indiana was legal. In Indiana. If Indiana want what happened there to be illegal, they need to make it so.

…and this murderer too.

That neck. Looks like one of the arch-enemies from a batman comic book.


I believe the medical provider reporting may have gone against HIPAA laws.

I think @zantax pointed out that it’s for not reporting the abortion of a 10 yo because it’s clearly rape.

i never said it didn’t happen. i said the story that was linked was about a rapist of a 10 yo being charged. it did not identify as being about any 10 yo seeking an abortion except by conjecture. and where is your link about the ag trying to charge any medical providor? more conjecture? and what exactly would they charge the provider for since the new law did not take effect until jul 1st and the referral was done before that? did the provider refer out of state to avoid reporting a rape of a child?

maybe there’s more info now, at the time i commented, that was it.

They look like gills :fish:

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