Who Actually Damaged Our Country? Birther IDIOTS, or russian Colluder CoupTraitors?


The same libs who cried and hollered about the right trying to delegitimize Obama’s win are the ones who are trying to delegitimize Trumps win with all the Russia nonsense.
Did the Russians try to influence our election? Yes, they have been doing this for many years. But it only became a problem for the left after their candidate lost.


Why didnt the Russians release stuff from the rnc?


Also its weird you all are more worried about Trump being a legit winner than wondering why russia meddeled in our elections


Exactly, I care about our interests. Is that hard to understand?


Keep holding your hands over our ears and hollering nananan if you can’t stand the truth. Makes no difference to me. I remember and so do a lot of other people. Poor little dems their the only ones who ever get picked on.


Tit for Tat. Except now we have new organizations pushing that a President is racist and a terrorist on tv every day. News organizations that can’t except the word of someone they promoted as being a war hero and above partisan politics.


The president pushes his own self as a bigot he doesnt need any help from the press. Again since russia meddeled in our election why did they only hack the DNC?




Its like they forgot what they wrote during the Obama years


I will accept the results of the Russian coordination investigation report prepared by Robert Mueller when I see them.


I’d be interested in how they would measure the effect.


Never a consideration? :laughing:


It’s also weird that you are more worried about getting something anything on Trump than you are about stopping the Russians from meddling in our elections. again.
The fact that you continue to focus on Trump. Even after a man you held up as being above partisan politics has investigated for two years and has stated that Trump and no one in the USA worked with Russia. Shows that you could care less about stopping the Russians.
This is about revenge for Hillary being defeated after the left wing media told you that republicans were never going to hold the White House again after Obama was elected. Remember you have got a mandate from the people, the demographics are in the lefts favor, the republicans are just a party of old white people.


Maybe the RNC was a lot more careful about what emails they opened.
Maybe because the Russians did hack the RNC but only got old emails that had nothing to do with the current election.
Maybe because the emails didn’t have any damaging information in them like the DNC’s did.
Maybe you should call the Russians and ask them why?
Trump and the Republicans had nothing to do with hacking the DNC emails or the release of the DNC emails. Your going after the wrong people here.


Obama told Putin to “cut it out”. Republicans made fun of his threat to Putin. This happened before the election so no one had won or lost yet. Your posts are poorly informed.


See we knew this wasn’t about Russians interfering in our elections. You just proved that is about your hate for republicans and Trump. You don’t care what the truth is. Heck you all were just saying how the DOJ and FBI are above partisan politics. Now you don’t believe them.


Show me what Obama did that tried to prevent what happened. Words, kicking a few people out what a joke like that hasn’t happened before.
What did he do to stop this from happening that had some teeth? I’m sure that Putin was really scared when Obama told him to cut it out.


I care about collusion about as much as the GOP who impeached Clinton cared about Whitewater.

The Trump administration is a total joke played on the American people.

it is quite clearly THE most corrupt and crooked administration in the history of our nation. Makes Harding look like a piker.

The volume of conflicts of interest, self-enrichment, nepotism, cronyism etc. is UNPRECEDENTED with this criminal crew.

For some reason, Trump supporters are pretending none of this is true.

It’s sick and pathetic. Thank God the demos for this crowd are top heavy, which means we won’t have to endure them for too much longer.

The nation awaits their departure.


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hussein is a lowlife scumbag jihadi kenyan ladyboy.

What’s your point??

I never questioned his citizenship. He’s an American. Always has been.