Who Actually Damaged Our Country? Birther IDIOTS, or russian Colluder CoupTraitors?

While at times both (1%) hilarious and (99%) sad, the whole birther movement was never taken seriously by the U.S. media, the U.S. Intelligence Community, the international media or the vast majority of the American people.

With the help of their media allies, the dimocrat party had according to some polls, approximately half of the country believing that a duly-elected president was possibly a foreign agent and in imminent danger of being thrown out of office, arrested and convicted of betraying our country.

All in the hopes of overturning an election decided by the American people because their candidate lost.

These people have lost all credibility and quite frankly are traitors. Apologies will almost certainly never come, and they should not be believed if they do.

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Birther idiots.


The left is basically a cult at this point.

Donald Trump, conservative talk radio, and Fox News would be rather surprised to hear that nobody ever took birtherism seriously, despite no evidence whatsoever it was actually true.

Much of the country questions this administration because it is filled with people who have repeatedly lied about basically every subject, cheered on some of the world’s worst dictators, and publicly attempted to shut down any real oversight into criminal conduct.


Funny how that happens when several people associated with the President have had shady ties and communications with Russians directly related to aiding Trump to get elected.

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trump lies??

How about all of the dimocrat/media lies for the past 2+years?? trump has nothing on them and yet you still support them.

trump could increase his rate of lying by a factor of 10 every day for the rest of his presidency, and still come nowhere close to the dimocrat/media.

I have met a lot of people who are Birther Idiots

Outside of twitter, I never met anyone that was a Russian-Colluder idiot.

So I have to go with the first one.

You’d think someone might have charged people with doing so.

Why haven’t they??

Conspiracy kooks are hilarious!

He could raise it by infinity because he is always right. Multiplying anything by zero is stll zero.

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He’s continually lying.

I listen to Rush, Hannity, Levin (occasionally) and Chris Plante.

Links to FoxNews and any of those people promoting the birther nonsense in any serious way??

We all know how the media promoted russian collusion. No need to link the thousands of articles there.

…and our knowledge of this investigation is currently limited to a summary written by a Trump sycophant. I’ll reserve comment until we see what’s in this thing.


Is that the fantasy you embrace to help you look yourself in the mirror for supporting such a lowlife scumbag?

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Can you list these people and tell us exactly how they helped along with the Russians to get Trump elected?

A whole slew of reasons. But that doesn’t negate the fact that there was absolutely the appearance of shady ■■■■ going on and the lies layered on top of those situations (we talked about adoption, no discussions of Trump Tower Moscow, etc) didn’t help.

I didn’t say I knew exactly. I said there was at the very least an appearance of shady ■■■■■

We know Russians approached the Trump campaign with materials that would aid their campaign in the Trump Tower meeting. And the Trump team lied about it.

We know Sater told Cohen via email that Putin and the Russians would help Trump get elected as part of discussing the Trump Tower Moscow deal. And we know the Trump team lied about it.

We know that Stone had contacts with Guccifer regarding the hacked emails.

We know that Manafort—the campaign manager at the time—gave Killimnik internal polling data (doing this with a US super PAC would be a federal offense).

Sure, this took about 10 seconds to find.

Here is Hannity’s television show from 8 years ago in which he gave a platform to Trump’s birtherism and defended the movement as a whole.

Republicans pushed birtherism and hired Mueller.

That makes this thread really funny.

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hillary started birtherism and the russian collusion narrative.

dimocrats are sad and pathetic.

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