Who Actually Damaged Our Country? Birther IDIOTS, or russian Colluder CoupTraitors?


Birthed idiots. Most of the 40% that still pretend trump is a good president that will reelect it.


I mean these people act as if the years of 2008 - January 20, 2017 11:59am didn’t even happened.


lol falsehoods! Do you believe everything on the internet to be true or must be true? Heck look at the falsehoods our own bought and paid for MSM has been spreading for 2 years now and is continuing to double down on. There is no evidence of the Russians appreciatively and actually affecting the 2016 election. Loyal American citizens were posting information heavily during the campaign in favor of Trump and information against Hillary and vice versa. Readers had to decide what they believed to be true or not. Most minds were already made up. I can weigh in on social media right now and promote information and articles from Haaretz by using Facebook ads against Netanyahu regarding a race or a prosecution, emphasizing that which is already being said. Anyone can do the same regarding Venezuela or Russia.

Now what I would like to uncover, is how these supposed Russian sources provided fake “intel” (lies) that were spun into a “dossier” (fairy-tale) about Trump, Page and others. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of just exactly how these sources came to the attention of an ex-British spy Christopher Steele who manufactured the “dossier” insisting that sources were in Putin’s inner circle. This is much more interesting to me than simply weighing in on social media and buying 5k in facebook ads that may or may not have inspired some interesting discussions.


People believe what they believe and then go in search of confirming evidence.

So yes a lot of people will believe something on the Internet is true if it conforms to what they believe.

And I noticed the not-so-subtle shift from “the Russians tried to influence our election” (incontrovertible fact) to the red herring of measuring what their influence actually was.


Today we have “these people” who have no desire to discover the real American people (not Russians) that interfered in the 2016 election and began sabotaging Trump’s presidency from the moment he came down that escalator. Possibly even before hand. They are afraid to see where the discovery leads.


What happened to I will accept the results. We need to investigate and prove to the American people one way or another what happened. How ever it comes out will be good for America because we can move on with out this hanging over our heads.


You cant be serious… Were you in a coma when Obama was running for President. There are republicans calling him a racist and terrorist on tv


lol how about the not so subtle shift from collusion to obstruction?
Quickly the alt left, TDS sufferers, and die hard never Trumpers moved the goal posts. The Democrats screeching, “Obstruction” on a crime of collusion that DOJ admits never occurred. Never has been a crime of collusion.


Tell me how candidate Trump suppose to stop them from doing this? Wasn’t that the job of the DNC and Obama? Why didn’t they do anything to stop this from happening?


Wake up from your coma. We have Democrats that committed crimes during the 2016 election. Not just name calling. Hang tight, the evidence will soon be upon us. It won’t take 2 years and 40mil so stay woke. Pucker up alt left.
The shoe is officially on the other foot.


So you just going to ignore the blood oath taken by GOP leaders at the Caucus Room restaurant. Their mission was to obstruct/sabotage by any means necessary and make President Obama a one term president less than 8 hours after he took the oath.

It’s okay when your side do it to the other guy, but not okay when the other side do it to your guy. You guys are so full crap. Take a laxative dude.


John McCain was asked to prove his was a natural born US citizen. And than we had to big discussion over the fact that he was born in Panama.


Did you miss the 8 benghazi investigations and those costs? Which democrat broke the law in 2016?


Please look for any posts I have made where I personally shared the beliefs you are attributing to me here.

You’ll find a grand total of zero.

So do you want to discuss what I’ve actually posted…or would you like to label and lump?


It’s 2019. Flip those calendar pages


I forgot to mention how many people were questioning ted cruz’s citizenship in 2016 as well. Some were serious. Some were “getting revenge” for obama, but there were quite a few, no matter their motivation.


Fake news no one questioned his eligibility just like no one from the tea party went all out against Ted Cruz


I got to head off to physical therapy right now. If it’s not too rough of a session I’ll try to give it a go when I get back.


Hypocracy doesnt have a due date


Which has nothing to do with your thread being a failure.