Who Actually Damaged Our Country? Birther IDIOTS, or russian Colluder CoupTraitors?


I’ll say I think ignoring the birther movement did the most damage, but not really. I’ll explain.

Natural Born Citizen had a pretty clear definition, which both candidates failed for opposite reasons. Obama failed the original definition because both his parents were not US citizens. McCain failed because he was born on Panama soil and from my understanding of it there was no military hospital the year he was born, though a year or two later he was issued a birth certificate from the then new base hospital.

I say “but not really” damaging because I think the NBC requirement needs to be revised. It made sense in an age when being born someplace generally indicated that you would spend a significant part of your life there. Same with parentage. In today’s age I think “citizen at birth” is a fine requirement, which both met, and not the more stringent original definition of Natural Born Citizen.

The only reason I do think it was damaging was because it effectively changed the requirement for the office by ignoring it, rather than actually changing the requirement.


I didn’t write it during the obama years. I wrote it last week.

Doesn’t change the fact that I’ve always believed obama is an American. Still do.


That’s correct.

obama is an American. Never thought otherwise.


Do your own research. You’re the one whose posts are so poorly informed.

The point is that Russian interference was known before the election and was already being addressed however poorly. Trump winning didn’t start the Russian interference counter intelligence investigation.

My other point is that your points could be made with accurate info and not made up stuff you heard on the radio.


Stop… That is beneath you


Huh? We haven’t seen the report yet. I’m reserving comment on that.

Yes, I hate Trump being president. Because of his lying and despicable behavior.


It happened after George Bush as well.


I get that but i dont remember pundits wanting Bush to fail like they did with Obama


Want it or not, it was inevitable. Hell, even his “signature legislation” is loudly being deemed a failure by dimocrats running for POTUS.

I’ll take idiots named barack who should have never been president for $2000 Alex.


The are upset it didnt go far enough but if you think Obama is a failure and Trump is a success you have issues


Cute! Name calling. And I’m so much smarter than you. Hope that help’s you get through the day.
Quit listening to left wing tv and get out in the world and learn a few things on your own and not just what the talking heads want you to know.
Never said that Trumps winning started the counter intelligence investigation. Just said it wasn’t that important to Obama or he would have done more than say stop that.
But the truth is that the left used that Russian hacking as a way to try and unseat Trump. They were the ones hollering that we had to have a special council because we couldn’t trust the DOJ and FBI to investigate. Now their hollering because their good man who was above partisan politics did give them the results they wanted.
To get back on topic. I believe that the Russian Collusion idiots have harmed and continue to harm the country more than any birther ever did. They are truly party before country people and we can count on this going on for at least another two years maybe six. With the hate and the anger ramping up as days go by.


Glad you could be honest enough to say this has nothing to do with Russia it’s all about my side didn’t win and I’m mad. And it’s also good to know that you would go as for as to wish for the death of American citizens who believe differently than you do to get your own way.


They wanted Bush tried as a war criminal. They said he wasn’t really elected President he was installed by the SC.
But poor old Obama no one had it worse than he did.


I didn’t call you a name. Play the victim card someplace else.
I didn’t say Trump’s winning started this, I said it started before anyone had won or lost.
Here’s what you did say…

“Their candidate” didn’t lose until Trump won so you’re arguing something without a difference.

Proving again how poorly informed your posts are. You may be smarter than me but your posts keep that well hidden.


A “post turtle” President.


The Russia crap is just like Benghazi.


Blah blah blah! Who ruined America? Republicans, and democrats that’s who. Congress the last 5 presidents…and all of us who voted for all this ■■■■■ Stop looking to blame someone American…and look in the mirror. We did it.


Oh jeeze this again. What about his hands? lol


So you are cool with him cheating on his wife and trying to cover it up?


If true, I don’t care. Correct.
If not true, I don’t care. Correct