When It Is All Better

What will it look like?

I know it will never be finished, but this masterpiece we are all striving for will have to get better if we just allow the progs some rein.

So what will it look like?

If we close the “wealth gap”, where will median “wealth” be?

If we eliminate racism, does that include the private sector?

If we give amnesty and continue to allow open borders, what will we look like?

If we make CT the teaching tool, what will education look like?

I’m trying to envision this Utopian Dream so I can get on board. Help me.



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Probably a lot like Cuba looks now.

No milk. No bread.


Or Sweden or Switzerland.

Population of Switzerland is 8 million.

Twice the size of New Jersey.

That’s like one of our states.


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The United States is an unfinished masterpiece of a nation.

It will be the Mona Lisa.


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No more fort hood…


Sweden is about the size of CA.

Population 10 million.


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Ahhh. The old “it won’t work because USA is so big” excuse.

The USA will be romanticized for thousands of years to come.

After it falls.


We are the “United” “States.” States have rights.


Your Utopia is nothing but a little puff of smoke …dream on…

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Ok. I’ll hush and you let us know what it will look like.

Care to answer any of the questions?

Could be, which one is our population more like?

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Sure, sure. How about some details?

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That isn’t what Democratic Socialists actually want. They stand with the Cuban government and visited with Venezuela’s Maduro over the past month - the mask is off.


It’s being romanticized right now.

Has been all its existence.

No need to wait for its fall.

When we narrow the wealth gap, how much will each of us have?

If the past any indicator, we will be equally miserable.


What do you think it looks like?